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Psychology/Comm Bldg, Room 101
Matthew Normand
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


Our students are actively involved in understanding and conducting research from the outset of their major coursework. Faculty actively conduct and present research and encourage interested undergraduates to join their research teams.

Unlike larger institutions where only upper division or graduate students participate in research, at Pacific even freshmen can get involved.

Undergraduate majors frequently attend research conferences with faculty members and graduate students, and are often included as co-authors on presentations. The most frequently attended annual conferences are the Western Psychological Association (WPA) and the California Association of Behavior Analysis (CalABA).

Here are some recent research projects completed by Psychology students and faculty members.

Matt Normand, Psychology, and his graduate students published the lead article in the summer issue of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. The study "Further evaluation of a functional analysis of moderate-to-vigorous activity in young children," was authored by Tracy A. Larson '12, Normand, Allison J. Morley '12 and Bryon G. Miller '10, '14.   The article, which explored factors that contribute to increased physical activity in young children, has ignited a string of similar work on physical activity by researchers in other universities.  

Psychology faculty and students presented research at the 94th Annual Convention of the Western Psychological Association in April in Portland, Ore.

Tyler Nighbor '14, Katrina Bettencourt '16, Audrey Campbell '16, Brittany Olisar '14 and Carolynn Kohn, Psychology, presented the poster "Investigating the effects of repeated measures on infant moral choices"  

Tyler Nighbor '14, Emily Metz '14, Audrey Campbell '16, Katrina Bettencourt '16, Katie Uhlhorn '13, Nicole Schultz '14, and Carolynn Kohn, Psychology, presented the poster "An Evaluation of Free-pour Training Procedures for College Students"

Scott Jensen, Psychology, and several psychology students gave poster presentations at the Western Psychological Association conference in Portland, Ore.

Scott Jensen, Samantha Corralejo '15 and Kristina Meyer '15 presented the poster "Variability of individual outcomes in BPT masked by group analysis" 

Samantha Corralejo '15, Lubna Skafi '13, Elise Martin '14, Sarah Attal '13, and Scott Jensen presented the poster "Statistical group differences mask divergent individual outcomes in ECBI scores among parents"

Tyler Nighbor '14, Samantha Corralejo '15, Melissa Myers, and Scott Jensen presented the poster "Assessment of parent report of differentially attending to behavior"

Sean M. Blumberg '14, Megan J. Doerr '14, and Scott Jensen presented the poster "Assessing group instruction and structured feedback across parent training skills"

Scott Jensen, Psychology, was the faculty/research advisor for students who presented research at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapists conference in Nashville, Tenn.

Megan J. Doerr '14, Sean M. Blumberg '14, Elizabeth A. Herrera '14, Sarah C. Attal '13, Cassandra L. Carsten '13, Andrew A. Garcia '13, Ashley M. Waldera '14 and Scott A. Jensen presented the poster "Comparing time out teaching strategies: group instruction vs. structured feedback"

Sean M. Blumberg '14, Megan J. Doerr '14, Elizabeth A. Herrera '14, Sarah C. Attal '13, Cassandra L. Carsten '13, Andrew A. Garcia '13, Ashley M. Waldera '14 and Scott A. Jensen presented the poster "Evaluation of structured parent training package for time out"