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Kieran Holland
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Outstanding Students

These Physics students not only exhibit academic excellence, but also serve as examples of the mission of College of the Pacific. They have excelled in the classroom and beyond, whether it's through multiple degrees, research, study abroad or service to their communities. They are the epitome of excellence and champions of the natural sciences. Take a glimpse at some of the Physics department's outstanding students:

Louis Johnson

Louis Johnson

Louis Johnson graduated from Pacific with a BS in Physics. He conducted research at the National Center for Astrophysics in Trieste, Italy, where he studied quasars, and had the opportunity to spend a summer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, paid for entirely by the National Science Foundation. Johnson is currently enrolled in a bridge program at Princeton University in preparation for graduate school in astrophysics. Learn more about Louis





At the end of the year, the Department of Physics in the College of the Pacific honors a truly exceptional student or group of students with the Outstanding Student Award. This award is given to students who have not only earned a consistently high academic record, but who have also been actively involved in the discipline through activities, research, or special projects.

Former students

2018 Outstanding Student

The outstanding physics student of 2018 was Katie Ram. Katie is a triple major in Physics, Spanish and Applied Mathematics, she's a member of Phi Beta Kappa, was chair of the Society of Physics Students, and co-founder of the Women in STEM club. Katie spent a year studying abroad in Chile and was a student ambassador for 3 years. Katie's senior thesis combined mathematics and biology, studying the vibrations of frogs ears with lasers and modeling their waveforms Dr Marcos Gridi-Papp and Dr Aleksei Beltukov. Katie is taking a gap year before beginning graduate school. 

2017 Outstanding Student

The outstanding physics student of 2017 was Krista Hibert. Krista began at Pacific as a major in the Engineering school, before switching to more fundamental science with a major in Physics. For her senior thesis, Krista worked at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, learning about the production and measurement of X-rays. Krista is currently enrolled in the Masters in Data Science program at the University of the Pacific.

2016 Outstanding Student

The exceptional work of one student was awarded with the 2016 Outstanding Student award: Sarah Antonsson, who graduated with a double major in Physics and Music. Sarah began her education at Pacific as a music major, planning to teach music as her career. Havig discovered her passion for science, Sarah added a second major in Physics, and excelled at both. Sarah is now enrolled in graduate school at Penn State University, studying material science.

2014 Outstanding Students

Physics - Austin Tuttle
Austin, who double-majored in Physics and Mathematics during his time at Pacific, maintained an exceptionally high standard of academic work, completing a Pacific Fund Summer Undergraduate Research fellowship and presenting at the National Science Foundation sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) summer program. An active member of the campus community, Austin was a Physics Lab Teaching Assistant, a math and physics tutor, a member of several professional honor societies including Phi Kappa Phi, and a member of the Pacific Honors Program. Upon graduation, Austin traveled to Minnesota to attend University of Minnesota as a PhD candidate in their Applied Mathematics program. We look forward to what the future holds for Austin.

Engineering Physics - Michael Ledesma
Michael was not only an outstanding Physics Engineering student, but an active and involved member of the Pacific community as well. He was recognized for his distinguished service as a first-year resident assistant, and continued to serve as a member of the Housing and Greek Life team during his studies at Pacific. As a student, Michael pursued several academic passions, including undergraduate research in radio astronomy and quantum optics, and was a member of the four-person team that built V.I.R.A, a three-foot tall autonomous tour guide robot that can navigate through the first floor of the Chambers Technology Center at University of the Pacific while avoiding both people and obstacles. We wish Michael the best in his future pursuits.

2011 Outstanding Student

Erin Hardy, an Engineering-Physics and Applied Math major, was selected as our Outstanding Senior. To give an example of how strong she is academically, Erin aced Astrophysics (PHYS 141)-a serious course that requires four semesters of calculus and differential equations, plus relativity and quantum mechanics. Professors in both Physics and Mathematics Departments have confessed to grading her work first, so they would have a clear key to use for grading other students' work. Erin now works as a product applications engineer at Eaton Corporation in Arden, North Carolina.

Kyle Campiotti graduated from Pacific in 2009 with a BS in Engineering Physics and Engineering Management. He then got a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and is now a Touch Hardware Engineering Manager at Apple.

Sean Pippin graduated from Pacific in 2009 with a BS in Engineering Physics. Sean then got an MBA in Finance and now works as a Demand Manager and Business Analyst at Intel Corporation.