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Students in the Modern Language & Literature Department can choose to major in Asian Studies (concentration in Chinese or Japanese); French; or Spanish. Courses in German are also available. Italian is offered through summer immersion in Italy. The department also offers minors in Chinese Studies, French, Japanese, Spanish and Latin American Studies. Both our major and minor programs may be taken in conjunction with any other academic major.

Most of our students are double majors across diverse disciplines: Business, Psychology, Speech-Language Pathology, International Studies, Education and pre-health professions. Cross-disciplinary degree programs with the Department of Economics, the School of International Studies, the School of Engineering and Computer Science, and the Eberhardt School of Business are also offered. We offer a variety of major and minor options, outlined below.

Bachelor of Arts in the Following Majors

  • Language and Literature
  • French Studies
  • Spanish Pedagogy
  • Hispanic Language and Literature
  • Cultura y civilización
Asian Language and Studies
  • Japanese
  • Chinese

Minors Offered
Chinese Studies
Latin American Studies