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Our program allows students to pursue a flexible, comprehensive major in film studies, as well as a minor in film studies.

The goals of the Film Studies major are as follows:

  • Place Film Studies in the context of the Liberal Arts where students analyze the elements of film such as narrative, image, theme and persuasive communication techniques

  • Provide hands-on experience with film production in a variety of capacities including, camera, editing, screenwriting, acting, music scoring, and direction

  • Provide students with the ability to think critically and communicate effectively, recognizing the central role of film and narrative in civic society

  • Locate film as a cultural artifact that both represents and constructs historical, socio-economic, political and psychological meaning

  • Focus on film aesthetics, international cinemas, individual major filmmakers, film genres, film history and key events in the technological and cultural evolution of cinema

  • Develop visual literacy for readings of individual films with attention to editing, camera, shot composition, lighting and sound

Explore our degree program and course pages for more information on our academic offerings.