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Jianhua Ren
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Our Undergraduate students are provided with

- lecture (theory) and laboratory (hands-on) taught by our experienced faculty and advanced Graduate students, respectively,
- ample opportunity for interaction with the faculty (office hours),
- dedicated academic advisors to provide support for the student to ascertain timely graduation,
- multiple free support services (departmental and university-wide) to resolve academic difficulties, and
- a solid foundation in chemistry as one of the central natural sciences - an integral component of any academic path to professional schools and a "must-have" to any student who considers majoring in chemistry and biochemistry.

After students complete degree programs in the department of chemistry, the following learning outcomes can be expected. Learning outcomes will vary in depth depending on the academic degree; however, all students should be able to:

- understand modern chemical principles both in theory and practice.
- understand and practice the scientific method.
- understand basic instrumentation and the information derived from it.
- read chemical literature and judge its content.
- communicate ideas in chemistry in spoken and written word.
- carry out chemical experiments in the laboratory.
- formulate new ideas in chemistry and judge their merits.