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Our Students

Our students are a diverse and dynamic group of scholars, and they find many creative ways to build professional connections, strengthen their skill sets, and forge strong bonds with their fellow classmates. The department is home to the Beta Pi chapter of the professional chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma as well as the student organization Tri-Benzene. Take a look at how chemistry students at Pacific keep the conversation going outside of the classroom.

Alpha Chi Sigma

AXE sealPacific is home to the Beta Pi chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma (AX∑) is a professional fraternity specializing in the field of chemistry. It has 49 collegiate and 15 professional chapters and groups throughout the United States consisting of both men and women and numbering more than 63,000 members. Learn more about Pacific's chapter >>

Outstanding Students

Outstanding studentsFrom their impressive academic achievements to their contributions to the community, we are proud to introduce you to some of our outstanding students >>