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Chemistry Faculty Directory

Skylar Carlson, 2019, Assistant Professor - Phone: 209-946-2600 - Office: CR-118B

Anthony D. Dutoi, 2012, Associate Professor - Phone: 209-946-2590 - Office: Classroom Building, Rm. 122A

Andreas Franz, 2002, Professor - Phone: 209-946-2189 - Office: Classroom Building, Rm. 136

C. Michael McCallum, 1994, Professor - Phone: 209-946-2636 - Office: Classroom Building, Rm. 220

Joseph Harrison, 2018, Assistant Professor - Phone: 209-946-3210 - Office: BiolLab Building, Rm 112

Georgios Pantouris, 2019, Assistant Professor - Phone: 209-946-7352 - Office: Biolab 107A

Jianhua Ren, 2002, Professor and Co-Chair - Phone: 209-946-2393 - Office: Classroom Building, Rm. 130

Vyacheslav V. Samoshin, 1997, Professor - Phone: 209-946-2921 - Office: Classroom Building, Rm. 132

Balint Sztaray, 2008, Professor - Phone:209-946-2654 - JB Rm. 113

Jerry Tsai, 2008, Professor and Co-Chair - Phone: 209-946-2298, 209-946-2271 - Office: Classroom Building, Rm. 227

Liang Xue, 2007, Professor - Phone: 209-946-2360 - Office: Classroom Building, Rm. 119

Qinliang Zhao, 2010, Associate Professor - Phone: 209-946-2237 - Office: Classroom Building, Rm. 134


Faculty of the department maintain vigorous research programs, publish peer-reviewed scientific papers, and participate in conferences including undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral researchers.

Directory of research/adjunct faculty


O. David SparkmanO. David Sparkman, at Pacific since 1999.

Research focus:
Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry.
Office 209.946.2604,
Dr. Nataliya SamoshinaNataliya Samoshina (deceased), at Pacific since 2002; M.S., 1975; Ph.D., 1985 - all from Lomonsov Moscow State University, USSR.

Research focus:
Biochemistry, Enzymology.
Dr. Hyun JooHyun Joo, Visiting Assistant Professor, at Pacific since 2006; M.S., 1999, Hanyang University, South Korea; Ph.D. 2005, Auburn University, AL, USA.

Research focus:
Computational Chemistry, reaction mechanisms and potential energy surfaces.


Directory of emeriti faculty


Dr. Patrick JonesPatrick R. Jones, at Pacific since 1974, Professor, B.A., University of Texas, 1966; B.S., 1966; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1971. Member, Phi Beta Kappa.
Research focus: Physical chemistry, photochemistry, FTMS, MS of biological compounds, accelerator mass spectrometry.
Office 209.946.2442,
Dr. Larry SpreerLarry O. Spreer, at Pacific since 1970, Professor, B.S., University of Kansas, 1965; Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1969.
Research focus: Inorganic Chemistry, Cryptands.
Office 209.946.2268,
Dr. Don WedegaertnerDon Wedegaertner
Research focus: Organic chemistry, Radical chemistry.
Dr. Richard DodgeRichard Dodge
Research focus: Physical chemistry.
Dr. Michael J. MinchMichael J. Minch (deceased)
Research focus: Biochemistry, NMR spectroscopy
Dr. Paul H. GrossPaul H. Gross (deceased)
Research focus: Organic chemistry, Carbohydrates, Peptides.
Dr. Charles MatuszakCharles Matuszak
Research focus: Organic chemistry, Birch Reduction.
Dr. Silvio RodriguezSilvio Rodriguez (deceased)
At Pacific since 1978, Professor, M.S., University of California, Santa Barbara, 1970; Ph.D., 1978.
Research focus: Physical Chemistry, Fluorescence Spectroscopy.
Dr. Roy WhitekerRoy Whiteker
Research focus: Inorganic chemistry.
Member, Phi Beta Kappa.
Office 209.946.2606,