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Faculty Directory

Faculty in the School of International Studies share a deep intellectual curiosity for global issues. They have all lived abroad and speak at least two languages.  The faculty include political scientists, anthropologists, economists, and historians. SIS offers a unique interdisciplinary approach to international affairs, which includes interdisciplinary team-teaching.


William Herrin, 1985, Professor of Economics - Phone: 209.946.2651 - Office: George Wilson Hall, 103 

Core Faculty

Laura Bathurst, 2005, Assistant Professor of Anthropology - Phone: 209.946.3181 - Office: George Wilson Hall, 102

Ahmed Kanna, 2009, Associate Professor of Anthropology - Phone: 209.946.3925 - Office: George Wilson Hall, 106

Sarah M. Mathis, 2008, Associate Professor of Anthropology - Phone: 209.946.7713 - Office: George Wilson Hall, 201

Daniel O'Neill, 2010, Associate Professor of Political Science - Phone: 209.946.2225 - Office: George Wilson Hall, 202

Susan G. Sample, 1999, Professor of Political Science - Phone: 209.946.2492 - Office: George Wilson Hall, 204

Joint and Affiliated Faculty

Arturo Giraldez, 1990, Professor - Phone: 209.946.2911 - Office: WPC-Annex 143

Elena Savelieva, 1992, Instructor - Phone: 209.946.2916 - Office: WPC-Annex 

Visiting Faculty

Howard Moseley, 2005, Instructor - Phone: 209.946.2650  

Why I chose SIS

Why I chose SIS

Maya Campbell Unsoeld (2012) - Why I chose SIS at Pacific

Faculty Profile:

Faculty Profile:

Dr. Susan Sample

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What's up with culture?