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Dept. of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences


Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences
Main Gymnasium
Mark VanNess
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Welcome to the Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences (HESP)! Our department is engaged in understanding and promoting health and human movement. Our goal is to examine how movement-based physical activities, exercise, and sport contribute to the quality of human life. We do this from a wide range of perspectives including biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology, business, education, and philosophy to ensure that our graduates are able to conceptualize and analyze health and human movement in a holistic manner.

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The Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences embraces three core values: Innovation, Immersion and an Interdisciplinary approach.  These three values are stranded throughout all HESP courses.

Immersive: The HESP department facilitates learning not only through deep disciplinary information but also through immersive learning experiences. This immersion will occur in the courses through assignments, speakers and excursions. It will further extend beyond the classroom by providing students with a variety of experiential learning opportunities and internships.  

Innovative: In an ever-changing world, the HESP department prides itself on adopting, modeling and promoting innovative teaching/clinician practices and assessment strategies. Coursework will also include the instruction about relevant disciplinary technologies and, when possible, employ these technologies for assignments, development, and assessment.

Interdisciplinary: Knowledge, research, and careers in Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences draw from numerous disciplines. As a result, the HESP department maintains a broad and differentiated curriculum. This provides students with the knowledge needed to operate in a dynamic environment, expose them to a variety of career possibilities in the field and ultimately enables them to become more complete practitioners. 

The HESP Department believes that an Immersive, Innovative and Interdisciplinary education will produce Reflective and Responsive Professionals.