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Modern Languages and Literature


Modern Languages and Literature
Traci Roberts-Camps
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA 95211

Welcome to the Department of Modern Languages and Literature. We are a dynamic, multi-lingual community where students develop their linguistic abilities under the mentorship of a dedicated international faculty. Our students know that learning another language is the key that opens the door to new cultures, perspectives and opportunities. It facilitates and enhances our ability to communicate with each other, and makes it possible to become a more fully-informed citizen of the world. In today's global society, mastery of language is a critical skill for personal and professional fulfillment.

Please select one of the languages below to learn more about our academic programs.

Chinese French German Japanese Spanish

The World is Your Classroom


Italian Flag

Live from Assisi Italy!

Experience full immersion through our online platform
Tour Italy from home while learning Italian

First-Year First Semester Italian (4 semester units) JUNE 1-26.

First-Year Second Semester Italian (4 semester units) JUNE 29-JULY 24.

$1425 per 4-unit course.

For more information contact Prof. Susan Giraldez 

This can be the view from your dorm room in Assisi. We encourage our students to study abroad, and our department facilitates summer immersion programs in Italy and China that allow students to explore new horizons. Learn more about our signature summer immersion programs >>

Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in language and culture working closely with faculty who work, publish and travel internationally. Through the serious study of the target language, students develop an appreciation for the breadth of cultural expression in literature, history, fine arts, philosophy, cinema, and contemporary business and social practices. They also gain a deeper appreciation of their own language and culture.

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