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Welcome to the Film Studies Program


Film Studies
Jie Lu
Program Director
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

The Film Studies Program is no longer accepting new declarations for the undergraduate major in Film Studies or transfer student admission as a Film Studies major. Students currently pursuing the major will be allowed to complete the degree as outlined in the general catalog. Prospective students interested in film are encouraged to apply to the new Media X program.

Welcome to the Film Studies program at University of the Pacific. Our program deals with film in the context of the liberal arts, with a focus on the medium as an art form. It examines film as a "text" which can be studied through diverse critical and theoretical perspectives.

Film is analyzed both from its technical aspects and its function as a cultural referent. It accommodates both high art and popular culture, both an international discourse and an individual auteurism.

Bridging Generations
Halima Lucas

When Halima Lucas explored issues facing Stockton's large Cambodian-American population, the result was "Building Bridges," a documentary that looks at the deep generational divide between Cambodian-American youth and their refugee parents. Read the whole story >>

Students can take film courses to enhance their liberal education through cultivation of critical and aesthetic knowledge, or they may use their studies to enter a variety of professions. These can include teaching, film making, writing, work in the film/television industry, advertising, computer software, graphic design, entertainment law, production finance.

Many of our students choose to pursue graduate studies in film, film and literature, and interdisciplinary studies at some of the finest programs in the country. Also, students may go on to technical training in editing, cinematography, directing and screenwriting.

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