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Program Review Timeline Dates for 2005-2006

Activity or Action On or Before This Date
January / February Briefing meetings for Program Directors

January / February
Records & Research / Provost data provided to Program Directors

Academic Affairs Committee Meeting.  Panel membership determined.

Briefing for panel members.
October / November
Workshop for panel members.  Department Chairs, Deans, Coordinators will attend.

November 1

Each program provides a self-study report.

November 1 -
February 13

Panels write report.  Follow process of data collection and analysis.

February 16
Final reports submitted by Panels to the Academic Affairs Committee.

March 4
Each program undergoing review responds to report to Academic Affairs Committee.  Dean submits response to Academic Affairs.

March - April
Academic Affairs Committee examines Program Review reports, responses and other materials.  Committee votes to accept 1) process and 2) recommendations from each panel.

March - May
Program Review reports are presented to the Academic Council.

Provost meets with department representatives, deans, and a panel member to discuss and clarify panel recommendations.

August 15
Provost makes recommendations concerning the reports to Program Review Panels and Programs.

September 15
Provost makes Program Review report to the President.  The report and recommendations are made public.

A follow-up meeting is held with representatives of the department, the Dean, and Provost, to review the President's decision, to plan subsequent actions, and determine responsibility and anticipated dates of completion.