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State and private waters agencies

Natural Resources Institute (NRI): A forum for full and open discourse on critical natural resource issues in California, labeled the "Pacific Process." In the Fall of 2006, NRI started a series of dialogs to address issues of future development in the flood plain, a key issue since the Katrina floods in New Orleans.  The group broke the overall issue into three sub-issues: preparation of a State Flood Plan; expenditure of the flood bond funds and roles of the State, local government and private individuals.

City of Stockton, SJ Dept of Public Health

Black Male Symposium: In existence since 2003, this program is offered to black male youth between ages 14 and 18, and  focuses on health care, criminal justice system, education and economics.


Community Involvement Community Partnerships: Tutor Resource Collaborative (RC); city-wide tutoring and training collaborative; Lincoln Unified School District-Manchester Homework Center; Asian Pacific Self-Development and Residential Association (APSARA); students staff an after school program in an apartment community; Stockton Unified School District tutoring after school programs: Cleveland Elementary; Grunsky Elementary; Commodore Stockton Skills; Kohl School; Heritage Peak School: Pacific students provide tutoring; San Joaquin County Office of Education: partnership to provide training for academic support services provided to students.