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The Department of History offers two Bachelor of Arts degree programs in History and Social Science. Two minors, in History and Public History and Museum Studies, are also offered for students who are committed to other academic tracks. The minor in Public History and Museum Studies is also open to History and Social Science majors. You can learn more about each track on our degree programs page.

Through intense classroom contact, innovative pedagogical methods and extensive student research projects, we instill in our students human values, critical thinking skills and an appreciation for the complexities of issues that have been of perennial importance. As professional historians we have been particularly successful in disseminating these values to a broader audience, by lecturing publicly and publishing works for both academic and popular audiences.

Students can choose from courses ranging in topics such as global and transnational history, environment and science history, pre-Modern Europe or Classics, 20th century Europe, Early North America, United States, Asia, and Latin America.

Teaching Credential Track

Teaching credential candidates wishing to qualify to teach history at the secondary level should complete the Single Subject Credential in the Social Sciences. Information on specific course requirements may be obtained from your adviser or the department chair.  For other credential requirements, students should consult faculty in the School of Education.