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By exploring the relationship between gender identity and cultural meaning, we prepare students to think comparatively, structurally and critically about their experiences and impact on the world.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the Gender Studies Program. We organize and support a variety of events pertaining to gender and diversity. Examples include:

  • Guest lectures
  • Art shows
  • Student research conferences
  • Film showings
  • Leadership conferences

Collaboration with Other Groups at Pacific

We often collaborate with the Ethnic Studies Program, the Humanities Center, the PRIDE Center and other groups on campus on many activities.

The dialogue we foster among the natural sciences and other aspects of the liberal arts along with the professional schools enriches the intellectual life of Pacific's students and faculty, as well as our surrounding community.

Academic Conferences

The Gender Studies Program has organized events such as the Gender, Race and Space Conference in which students from Pacific and other universities present their own research related to various gender themes and topics. These venues provide excellent opportunities for students to refine their communication skills and be exposed to a wide array of concepts.

Research Colloquium

The Gender Studies faculty participate in a Fall and Spring Research Colloquium in which faculty members present their research related to Gender Studies.

Through Our Eyes

"Through Our Eyes" is a student-made film focusing on the issue of feminism at the University of the Pacific.