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Benerd College

3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA, 95211


Our Mission
prepares thoughtful, reflective, creative, caring, and collaborative professionals for service to diverse populations through personalized and transformational learning experiences.

Our Vision
To cultivate hubs of innovation and learning by empowering passionate leaders in Northern California and beyond.  

We are a small, comprehensive, independent School of Education:

  • With a rich history - Pacific has been preparing teachers since its founding as California's first chartered institution of higher education in 1851. Additionally, we have more than 90 years as an independent School of Education.
  • With a faculty that takes our mission very seriously - to prepare and nurture thoughtful, reflective, creative, caring, and collaborative teachers, administrators, school psychologists, and other learning and social-sector professionals.
  • With a faculty that lives the school's values - 1) personalized and transformational learning, 2) strength-based community focus, and 3) innovation and learning
  • Which is fully accredited - Click here for a list of Benerd's accreditations

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