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Benerd in the Community

Benerd College has many programs that engage our students with our communities throughout Northern California and beyond.  Our initiatives range from our popular Book Buddies after-school reading program to tutoring programs, to community-based experiential learning, to our many Tomorrow Project academies that offer music, science, and math. Working with our communities gives our students real-life experience that makes them better prepared and better able to apply what they are learning. 


The Tomorrow Project increases the college readiness of K - 12 students so that they can successfully compete in higher education. We believe that our region's prosperity - its capacity for creating and sustaining fulfilling work and its power to extend a wealth of opportunity to all its residents - depends on education.


The Math Steeplechase is an annual event that is organized by Benerd College with the assistance of Athletics and the Physics department. Over 800 fifth grade students attended the half-day event, partaking in a math competition, physics experiments, a campus scavenger hunt, and athletic activities. 


At Benerd we believe in doing the work to enhance and guide the next generation. The Book Buddies Program is a reading mentor program that was established as a response to the literacy needs of children in the surrounding community. Each semester our Book Buddies Program serves over two dozen grade school children.

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