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We offer several programs of study within the economics major, including a joint degree possibility and a minor. The structure of our degree requirements offers students significant flexibility in choosing Economics electives that fit most closely with their areas of interest. In addition, because Economics is a field that is so broadly applicable, we allow enough room in our students' schedule to allow them to pursue a minor or a double major to explore interdisciplinary connections. Popular double majors include business, international studies, political science and applied math.


Bachelor of Arts:
 Designed to allow students to tailor their upper division Economics curriculum based on their interests, taking advantage of the wide variety of fields with which the study of Economics is compatible.  Faculty advisers can help students create plans of study (e.g. international economics, political economy, monetary economics, economics and law) that fit best with the students' academic and career goals. This degree is exceptionally well-suited for students who want to double-major or minor in another discipline.

Bachelor of Science: Allows students to pair their study of Economics with other disciplines but has greater quantitative/analytical requirements than the Bachelor of Arts. Within the Bachelor of Science degree, students can choose one of three tracks:

  1. Social Science Track, which is a general Economics degree with a more quantitative emphasis
  2. Applied Economics Track, which is ideal for students interested in both economics and business and includes several courses, such as accounting and business law, from the Eberhardt School of Business
  3. Mathematical Economics Track, which is designed for students interested in applied mathematics or for those preparing to attend graduate school in economics and includes several courses from the Department of Mathematics as requirements


Many students pursuing majors other than Economics will find that a Minor in Economics can be valuable.

For more information please contact Email Link Dr. J Farley Ordovensky Staniec.

Accelerated Master of Science degree in Applied Economics (MSAE)

The Department of Economics, in collaboration with Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin offers a 5-year path to undergraduate economics students who wish to pursue a Master of Science degree in applied economics. Students can specialize in business, financial, international or real estate economics. They can also pursue a marketing research track or a general economics track. The program allows students to receive the degree with only one year of study at Marquette instead of two after receiving their Bachelor's degree Pacific.