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Lean Certificate Program

2.7 Continuing Education Units

In this new course. you will learn the essentials about "going lean" including the methods to reduce lead time, eliminate waste, minimize inventory and identify where the non-value added steps are in your processes. All of which frees up cash and improves customer response time. While most people think Lean is limited to manufacturing, did you know that service industries including hospitals and non-traditional industries such as construction all have major initiatives underway to develop lean processes? Any organization which utilizes people and processes can benefit from this program.

By the end of this class, you will have the knowledge to become the leader in reducing waste (and cost) in your organization.

About the Instructor:

Gary Waters is the President of Gary Waters Management Consulting Inc. based in Northern California.  He has worked for tier-one suppliers, developed expertise in lean manufacturing and continuous improvement utilizing the Toyota Production System.

He possesses hands-on experience in leading teams when implementing the elements of the Toyota Production System such as 5S, Visual Management, Kanban, Problem Solving, Quick Change Over, Kaizen, Total Productive Maintenance, Error Proofing, and Standardized Work. 

Required books: Kanban, Just-In-Time at Toyota, Translated by David Lu, ISBN# 0915299488 and The 5's, Five Keys to a Total Quality Environment, by Takashi Osada, ISBN# 9283311167.

Course Dates: Tuesdays March 6th - May 8th
Instructor: Gary Waters

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