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1. Overview

This document provides guidelines for the review, self-study, and integrated planning for the academic and administrative units of the University. These processes, collectively known as Program Planning & Self-Study, call for units to engage in a critical self-study of their goals, activities, and outcomes. It is both a time to review the recent past and an opportunity to engage in renewal and change through planning for the future. The intent is to maintain and enhance quality in support of the University's mission and should highlight distinctiveness, collaboration, and innovation. The Periodic Self-Study seeks to identify a unit's strengths and areas needing improvement. Program Planning and Self -Study supports external accreditations such as WASC (see Appendix A) and unit specific accreditations. It is intended to be a rigorous process of reflection, evaluation, and self-improvement.

With its revision in 2008, the focus of Program Planning & Self-Study shifts from a retrospective process to more active planning for the department, college, school, or program(s) under review, to put in motion a plan for recognizing, developing and maintaining excellence. The process helps connect each unit's planning to the University's strategies and priorities contained in Pacific Rising, 2008-2015. Program Planning and Self-Study considers how well departments align with the University's values, aspirations, and commitments and, in turn, departmental goals can help shape University planning. Program Planning & Self-Study is not singly focused on resource deficiencies of a program, or making incremental decisions regarding faculty or staff positions, or as a substitute for administrative decisions to be made by unit heads or executive administration. The outcome of Program Planning & Self-Study may result in the allocation of additional resources to achieve strategic objectives for the unit. It may also result in a significant restructuring of a program or in elimination of a program. This document describes the process, explains the roles and expectations for annual reporting, gives an outline for the Periodic Self-Study, and provides criteria for the review of both academic and administrative units. Combined, the Annual and Periodic processes help form a short and long term planning cycle.