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A Message from University of the Pacific President Pamela A. Eibeck...

President EibeckThere is no place like University of the Pacific. Our enthusiastic students, engaged faculty and staff, high-quality programs and vibrant campuses make this an outstanding place to get students ready for the future.

One aspect that makes Pacific unique is the special bond between members of our University community. We are Tigers for life.

Our students learn by forming close relationships with faculty, who mentor them inside and outside the classroom. These relationships are often sustained for a lifetime, turning Alumni Weekend into a joyous reunion between alumni and their former teachers.

President with Students

We are committed to making a University of the Pacific education exceptional, and affordable for all deserving students. We rely on our dedicated

friends to help us make this possible. Every gift you give to the University enhances our students' experience. And at an institution where more than

80% of students receive financial aid, and many are first generation college students or Pell Grant recipients, your gifts unquestionably change lives.

I deeply appreciate your commitment to deserving students and to the high quality, learner-centered education we provide. Thank you for your philanthropy, and thank you for making a difference.

The Heritage society

Your Legacy at Pacific

The Heritage society

The Brubeck Institute

Transforming Lives Through Music and Education

The Brubeck Institute