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Business & Finance Mission, Vision & Values

The Division of Business and Finance is led by the Vice President for Business and Finance, who provides leadership and strategic oversight of divisional operations. The leadership team is comprised of a group of dedicated and diverse individuals who play a vital role in overseeing and managing the University's financial, physical and human assets.  Their expertise, depth and breadth of experience, dedication, and leadership enable the Division to support Pacific's mission and vision.


Our Mission is to support the University of the Pacific by developing, implementing, operating, and enhancing systems which secure, manage, preserve, and oversee the University's financial, human, and physical resources.


The Division invests, allocates, and manages Pacific's resources wisely and conservatively to ensure the following:

  • Pacific has the financial strength and stability to generate resources necessary to achieve its vision.
  • Pacific has talented, competent, and satisfied faculty and staff committed to its visions.
  • Pacific facilities and equipment are superior and safe.


  • Integrity. We adhere to high professional standards that are credible, ethical, and fair.
  • Professional Staff. We hire and develop staff to have the competence and confidence to provide high quality programs and services.
  • Responsiveness. We provide services with courtesy and respect in a timely and professional manner.
  • Effective and Efficient Process. We implement business processes that achieve the desired results.
  • *No Silos. We value and work in collaboration across various functions and campuses.