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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Many students in the College of the Pacific take advantage of Pacific's Education Abroad programs. Foreign travel provides unique study opportunities and enriching experiences outside of the classroom. Our students have pursued study abroad opportunities in places such as Bali, Greece, Japan, China, Italy, Scotland, Spain. In addition, Pacific also offers regular language immersion programs around the world.

In 2010, the Institute of International Education ranked Pacific 14th in the country for international study programs.

With a wide variety of education abroad programs to choose from, you will find an appropriate program to fit your academic, personal and professional needs.

Field Trips Abroad

Certain departments in the College of the Pacific have included a special trip abroad in their curriculum. These trips give students an expanded perspective about the material they are learning about in the classroom, the invaluable experience of seeing things first-hand, and memories that will last a lifetime. Two examples are highlighted here:

Sport & Globalization in London

Sport & Globalization in London

Undergraduate and graduate students take a two-week trip to London, Glasgow and Durham as part of the Sport and Globalization class. During the whirlwind trip, students meet with major sport franchises, attend professional sporting events, receive coaching in cricket and rugby, tour internationally renowned facilities such as Wimbledon (pictured above), and attend academic presentations by Sport and Globalization experts. Learn more about the trip.

Culture and Geology in Chilean Patagonia

Chilean Patagonia

Professors from Earth & Environmental Sciences and Modern Languages and Literature planned a spring break trip to the Chilean Patagonia. The trip melded studies of culture and geology. The Spanish and Geology students who went had the experience of a lifetime.