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About the College

As the liberal arts core of the University, the College of the Pacific is the oldest and largest academic unit, offering courses in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and the fine and performing arts.

College of the Pacific, By the Numbers

  • 1,600 undergraduate students major in the College
  • 150 faculty members
  • 18 academic departments, plus several additional programs and areas of study
  • 31 majors and 36 minors offered by the College, with the option to self-design a major or minor and pursue joint interdisciplinary degrees with the other schools within the University
  • 13:1 Student-to-professor ratio
  • 5 graduate programs in certain disciplines lead to M.S., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees


Where Education is Personal

With small class sizes, distinguished faculty, and a personal investment in your academic and professional success, College of the Pacific is known for its empowering and individualized approach to higher education. Have a passion you want to pursue or a question you want to answer? Chances are you can find a professor who will partner with you to create an independent study course where you can pursue your education with intensity and focus. Learn more about our academic offerings >>

Think Outside the Classroom

Why just read about impressionist paintings by French masters, when you can travel to one of the finest art museums in the world and stand close enough to see each brush stroke? Why read the writings of John Muir in a textbook, when you can hold the originals in your hands after a quick walk across campus? Why wait to conduct graduate-level research, when you can apply for research grants as an undergraduate that will take you from Boston to Bermuda? The flexible and collaborative approach to your College studies allows for an exceptional level of interdisciplinary work between departments, programs, and other schools within the University - and not all of your education will take place in a classroom.

The Future is Now

You don't have to wait to apply the knowledge and skills you'll gain as a student of the College until after your graduate - you can see the direct impact of your education while you are still a student. Flex your graphic design and creative writing skills in our nationally-recognized, award-winning literary arts publication, Calliope. Present at research conferences across the country, where you'll exchange ideas and network with professionals and scholars in your field. Be on the forefront of ground-breaking research that could solve the mystery of some of our greatest health crises, or discover new materials that will revolutionize the very way we construct our lives. When you leave the College, the question won't be, "What can I do with a liberal arts education?" The question will be, "What can't I do?"

Support the College

Support the College

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Pacific Legal Scholars

Pacific Legal Scholars

Creating leaders in law - learn more about Pacific's Legal Scholars Program.

College of the Pacific Blog

College of the Pacific Blog

The latest updates from College of the Pacific faculty, students, and alumni.