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Conduct Information for Faculty & Staff

What is the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards mission?

The mission of the Student Conduct and Community Standards Office is to support Pacific's mission by reviewing and resolving alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct and University Policies in a fair, honest, and socially just manner that honors the needs and protects the safety of individual students and the Pacific community. Foundational to our work is the education of students through prevention, intervention, and leadership opportunities.  What does the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards provide to Pacific faculty and staff?

What does the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards provide to Pacific faculty and staff?

• Assistance addressing concerns presented by individual students and recognized student organizations
• Interpretation of the Honor Code, Student Code of Conduct, and other University Policies
• Consultation regarding student conduct issues and informal/formal options for resolution
• Explanation and guidance for navigating the student conduct processes and general timeline for case adjudication
• Proctoring of exams and communication of academic integrity expectations to your class

Importance of Reporting Academic Violations

If you suspect or have evidence of cheating or plagiarism, we encourage you to discuss the matter with the student AND report it to the Student Conduct Office. Please be sure to include any supporting documents, including but not limited to: class syllabus, e-mail correspondence, and a copy of the paper, exam or other documents related to the alleged academic honesty violation. Ensuring academic honesty is an essential part of maintaining the integrity and value of the education we provide and the degrees we award at University of the Pacific. Taking action and centrally reporting academic honesty violations is vital to this effort. It is not uncommon for a student found to have committed an academic honesty violation to also have committed other policy violations. Reporting ensures early intervention and an opportunity to educate the student and prevent future violations.

Please click here to access the online Honor Code Report Form 

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards has several resources available to faculty and staff members, including the Tiger Lore Student Handbook.  If you would like to be a Student Conduct Review Board Member or a Student Conduct Support Person, please see How to Get Involved.