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Course Placement Information


The University of the Pacific is committed to your academic success, including ensuring that you are placed in the appropriate courses to support your learning. The following information will assist you and your faculty advisor in the planning of your program of study.

Entering students are required to demonstrate competency in the areas of writing and quantitative analysis (math) by fulfilling the University's fundamental skills requirements. Students taking foreign language or general chemistry courses are also required to complete a placement exam to determine appropriate course placement. Please read the information below carefully. It has instructions on how to view your placement information on math, chemistry, foreign language, and writing. It also has links to the course placement information pages with detailed information on these subjects and instructions on how to test. For students who have taken or will take an AP, IB, or CLEP test and need more information about placement, please click here.

To confirm the requirement(s) you have not met, log onto your InsidePacific account and follow the instructions below to review your Placement/Transfer Articulation Evaluation. Then click on the Course Placement Information links below for detailed information on what is accepted for placement and how to complete placements if required.

For additional questions about course placement assessments, please call (209) 946-2458 or email

FOR NEW STUDENTS: How to check your course placement.

  1. Log in to your insidePacfic account
  2. Enter your PacificNet ID and password
  3. Choose "Placement/Transfer"
  4. Click on the "here" to view your personal placement information, transfer credits or test credit evaluations.


NOTE: The "Placement/Transfer Articulation Evaluation" tab will be available to new students up to 30 days after the start of the first term. After 30 days, new students can access their "Placement/Transfer Articulation Evaluation" by following the instructions below for current students.

FOR CURRENT STUDENTS: How to check your course placement.

  1. Click on the "Academic" tab
  2. Under Academic services click on "Click here to:"
  3. Click on "Student/Financial Aid"
  4. Click on "Student Records"
  5. At the bottom click on "Placement/Transfer Articulation Evaluation"


Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: If you are a student with a documented disability, who requires a reasonable accommodation, please contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities by calling (209) 946-2879 or email