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Reach Out Mission

The University of the Pacific prepares individuals for lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities. Promoting learning through service remains a core value of the University.

The Division of Student Life emphasizes leadership development and connecting individuals to the community. Reach Out supports in-depth learning in leadership, advocacy and activism through service to the community.

The Reach Out program helps you to contribute to our Stockton community through service and volunteer work.

Reach Out Goals include:  

  • Providing members of the campus with avenues to serve the greater Stockton community and adjoining Central Valley region.
  • Heightening awareness of the need for community citizenship
  • Engaging students in worthwhile service
  • Promoting a lifelong commitment to leadership, advocacy and activism.

There are many expected and many more unexpected rewards in service to one's community, just as there are many motivations to get involved. The difference you make may be as much a help to you in your own life as it is to those you assist.