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When to Refer a Student

Throughout the year, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) receives many telephone calls from parents, administrators, faculty, staff, student advisors, residence life staff, and friends. Typically the individual who calls has observed some of the signs and symptoms that could be indicative of the need to refer for professional assistance.  

If you are concerned about a Pacific student and are uncertain how to refer them to CAPS, or would like to talk to someone about this concern, please call 209.946.2315, ext. 2 and ask to speak with an available CAPS staff member. You cannot make the appointment for the student; however, if they are in the room with you, you can call and put them on the phone.

If you are comfortable approaching the student about your concerns please encourage them to call 209.946.2315, ext. 2 or, on the Stockton Campus, stop by CAPS in the Cowell Wellness Center to make an appointment. If they are hesitant to come to CAPS alone, you might offer to accompany them to CAPS at the time of their initial meeting.

If the student would like to speak to someone immediately, please have them call our 24/7 therapeutic support at 209.946.2315 x3.

For more information please see Working with the Emotionally Distressed Student and consider enrolling in our Kognito training. This is a 30 to 40 minute interactive training sponsored by CAPS that teaches and/or refines your skills for working with and referring an emotionally distressed student.