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CAPS Sacramento

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is available on all three campuses and offers a broad range of therapeutic services year-round for students.

Check out our FAQ for more information.

CAPS Stockton
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Welcome to Counseling and Psychological Services!

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at the University of the Pacific provides a broad range of therapeutic services including group therapy, individual, couples sessions, informal consultations, and online assisted therapy for students experiencing emotional distress, anxiety, depression, adjustment concerns, and/or more serious mental health issues. CAPS also offers psychiatric medication management, crisis consultation, and preventative outreach/education on a variety of mental health topics.


Pacific CAPS is deeply saddened and distressed by the recent events around our country and the world, particularly as it relates to women's rights, COVID-19, ongoing systemic injustices, and especially the recent gun violence.  The frequency of these experiences has significant impacts on all of us.  Many people are afraid, and that fear continues to be perpetuated by senseless acts of violence towards others - in grocery stores, schools, places of worship, and beyond.  We know that while many are afraid and traumatized, they have also had to learn how to continue to move forward.

CAPS remains committed to the well-being and healing of everyone in our community, across our three campuses.  Our shared commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion allows us to provide our communities with tools and resources to cope with, heal from, and move forward in dismantling oppressive trauma agents and to promote systemic change, healing, and cultivation of love and care for others.  We are here for you.          

If you have any questions about our mental health services, how to access them, or what the next step is in regard to your mental health, please call us at 209.946.2315 x2.

Please check out our Race-Related Violence Resources for Support here.

All students have access to our 24/7 telephone therapist at 209.946.2315 x3. Students also have access to TAO.

Additional options for support can be found here.

We continue post daily mental health tips and tools on our social media platforms including:  InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

"The world is short-staffed; please be kind with the ones who have showed up."  ~Anonymous

you matter

Therapeutic Options You Can Access Anytime!

We have assembled a list of several options you can access from virtually anywhere!  Please utilize this as you are waiting for an appointment or as a way to engage in self-help.

If you are in crisis and wish to speak with a therapist, please call 209.946.2315 extension 3.