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Congratulations to the SIS Faculty

Oct 1, 2010


A sample of the accomplishments of SIS’ faculty in Academic Year 2010/11 is below.  


Dr. Laura Bathurst’s book chapter entitled “Shifting the Locus of Intercultural Learning: Intervening Prior to and After Student Experiences Abroad,” was accepted for publication in M. Vande Berg, M. Paige, and K. Lou (Eds), Student Learning Abroad: What Your Students Are Learning, What They’re Not, and What You Can Do About It. (Sterling VA: Stylus Publishing). Her co-author is SIS emeritus professor Dr. Bruce Labrack.
Dr. Ahmed Kanna’s book, Dubai, the City as Corporation, was published by the University of Minnesota Press.  Dr. Kanna also published a journal article an article in Cultural Anthropology, entitled, “Flexible Citizenship in Dubai: Neoliberal Subjectivity in the Emerging City-Corporation.”
Dr. Yong Kim presented a paper entitled “A Democratic Advantage in International Credit Markets” at the Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting. 
Dr. Sarah Mathis’ article, “Disobedient Daughter? Changing Women’s Roles in Rural Households in KwaZulu-Natal, was accepted for publication in the Journal of Southern African  Studies.  She also published a book review in American Ethnologist.
Dr. Dan O’Neill earned the Outstanding Faculty Award from SIS students in his first year at Pacific.
Dr. Analiese Richard’s book chapter entitled “Sin Maiz No Hay Pais: Citizenship and Environment in Mexico’s Food Sovereignty Movement,” has been accepted for publication in H Whitman and A. Latta, (Eds) Environment and Citizenship in Latin America, (CEDLA).  Dr. Richard was also chosen by the SIS graduating seniors as the Faculty Diploma & Hooding Ceremony Speaker.
Dr. Susan Sample’s paper, “Testing the Impact of a Four-Year International Curriculum: Assessing Changes in Intercultural Competence,” won the “Distinguished Paper Award" at the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) conference in Minnesota, in fall, 2010.  Her chapter, Arms Races:  A Cause or a Symptom?  is forthcoming in the 2nd edition of What do We Know About War?  Ed. John Vasquez (Rowman-Littlefield).  Her article, Arms Races and Dispute Escalation: Resolving the Debate (1997) has been recommended as a must-read resource in International Relations, in the International Relations module of Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO).   

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