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University Archives

The University Archives contains records, papers, and publications, as well as histories, photographs, video and audio recordings, memorabilia, and ephemera generated by the administrative, faculty, and student branches of the University.

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Transferring Records to the Archives
University History
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  • Pacific on the Rise: the Story of California's first University  Philip N. Gilbertson, PH. D., 2016  
  • History of the College of the Pacific 1851-1951  Rockwell Hunt, 1951
  • Tully Knoles of Pacific:  Horseman, Teacher, Minster, College President, Traveler, and Public Speaker  Reginald and Grace Stuart, 1956
  • Pioneer or Perish: A History of the University of the Pacific during the Administration of Dr. Robert E. Burns 1946-1971  Kara Pratt Brewer, 1977
  • Pacific: Yesterday and the Day Before That  Harold S. Jacoby, 1989
  • The Professor Who Changed My Life: A Sesquicentennial Celebration of Educational Interaction at University of the Pacific  Charles Clerc, 2001
  • Morris Chapel  Ovid Ritter, 1946
  • A Century of Smiles: One Hundred Years of Excellence at the College of Physicians and Surgeons University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry in San Francisco  Eric K. Curtis, 1995
  • Engineering at Pacific During the 20th Century  Robert Hamernick, 2011
  • We Sally Rinehart Nero, 1988

Principal resources available in the University Archives:

Course Catalogs 1854-present (includes programs, courses, faculty, services, facilities, and students)
Pacific Review 1923-present (Alumni magazine)
University Bulletin 1963-present (internal newsletter for campus employees) 

Student Publications 1885-present
University Review, Hatchet, and Epoch (1885)
Pacific Pharos 1886-1909
Pacific Weekly 1908-1967
Pacifican 1967-present
Dozens of other short run publications (Series 10)
Naranjado 1886-2003 (some years not published)
Dentistry, Pharmacy, Stockton College, School of International Studies 1950-present (scattered years)

Individual Histories. Series (histories of aspects of Pacific)  Board of Trustees/Regents meeting minutes/books
1854-1925 (Series
1925-1960 (Series
1961-present (Series

Publicity (Series 11)
Clippings 1890s-1950s (partial), 1960s-present
Scrapbooks 1923-1990s
Press Releases 1930s-1950s (partial), 1960s-2001