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Brubeck Exhibit

The Times of Dave Brubeck traveling exhibit focuses on Brubeck's musical and cultural accomplishments. It features five panels that tell Brubeck's story through photographs and documents:

The Introduction starts the story of Dave Brubeck and includes a continuous audio loop of his music.
Pushing the Limits of Jazz shows the accomplishments of the Dave Brubeck Quartet and has an on-demand audio system that plays short clips of Brubeck explaining and demonstrating polytonality and polyrhythms.
Classical in the Key of Jazz describes Brubeck's compositions and collaborations with his wife Iola.
Ambassador of Civil Rights illustrates Brubeck's support of humanitarian causes.
Diplomacy During the Cold War explores how Brubeck has used his music to open relations during the Cold War.



The following venues have hosted The Times of Dave Brubeck:
University of the Pacific, Stockton, California
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hodgson School of Music, Athens, Georgia
Monterey Public Library, California (during Monterey Jazz Festival)
Vacaville Public Library, California
Natrona County Public Library, Casper, Wyoming
Benicia Public Library, California
Lompoc Public Library, California
Estes Park Jazz Festival, Colorado
Livermore Public Library, California
Wilton Public Library, Connecticut
Ferguson Center for the Arts, Newport News, Virginia
Mobile Arts Council, Alabama
T. T. Wentworth Museum, Pensacola, Florida
Haggin Museum, Stockton, California
Abilene Philharmonic, Abilene, Texas
Museum of History and Art, Ontario, California
Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Vail Jazz Festival, Vail, Colorado 
Jazzanooga Music Festival, Chattanooga, Tennesee