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Faculty Development Leave at a Glance

The goal of the Faculty Development Leave (FDL) program is to maintain and improve the quality of teaching and scholarship at the University. For complete information on faculty development leave please refer to the Faculty Handbook section 9.3.

Who is eligible?
All tenured faculty members are eligible to apply for a Leave, which may be granted and taken once after every five full years of active service with the University.  Leave reports must be completed and accepted before a faculty member is eligible for a subsequent leave.

When to apply?
Careful thought and preparation is important in this process and the proposal is due in the fall of the year preceding the academic year in which the Leave is to be taken.  If external funding is sought this process may need to start earlier. 

A leave proposal must be submitted on the standardized form with all appropriate approvals to be considered.  Please confirm with your  department chair and dean when Faculty Development Leave Proposal forms are due in their respective offices.

Completion of the Leave and final reporting

Within one year following the completion of the Leave, the returning faculty member shall submit a written report to the Dean.  Copies of the proposal, Leave report and the response shall become part of the permanent record of a faculty member in the personnel files in the Office of the Provost.

Leave Report Due Dates

  • For FDL in the Fall, reports are due the following Fall, on the second Friday in October
  • For FDL in the Spring, reports are due the following Spring, on the first Monday in February