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Self Evaluation

  • Discussion of time spent with area as it fits into unit guidelines will help guide the University PTC  and gives insight into the workings of the department/unit. This is the candidate's opportunity to discuss educational  philosophy and successes and challenges encountered.  Information discussed or put into context here should be supported by the evidence provided in the later sections.
  • Teaching - student course evaluations should be a part of this discussion and peer evaluation should be included when available. Discussion of future direction/modification of teaching can be included.
  • Scholarly/artistic activity - this is the candidate's opportunity to discuss published workplace it in the context of the candidate's research history and in the context of the discipline  as well as to discuss work and collaboration in progress.
  • Service to the unit, university, greater community and/or the discipline, leadership roles should be identified.
  • The typical length of the self-evaluation statement is 7-10 pages.