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Unit Evaluation Committee's Report

Topics for the committee report:


Substance of teaching

Need to address the scope of the teaching and where it fits within the dept/unit, lower/upper division, graduate, service to the units, etc. and the importance of the coursework taught.

Effectiveness of teaching

Include a discussion of the teaching evaluations and when ever possible discuss in relation to general faculty performance in the department. It is important that the PTC understands the scale of the evaluations and that the numbers are placed into departmental context. If there are variations in teaching evaluations it is important to address why. Discuss all evaluation information included.

Student comments
Peer evaluations
Other feedback
Evaluation of concern, interest, and respect for students 
Evaluation of advising

Professional growth and scholarly/artistic contribution

Make sure that quantification of scholarship is assessed, but also discuss the professional value of the contribution to the discipline.

It is helpful for the committee to review the quality of the published scholarship or artistic contribution. The unit committee members are often in a more informed position to discuss the value of the candidate's contribution to the discipline.


Discuss service to the unit, the institution and/or the profession/discipline.

General comment -- the unit committee's role is not one of advocacy.  Assertions of excellence while ignoring area for potential growth may weaken the committee's report. An honest discussion of strengths and areas of growth is valued by the PTC. 

After reading the report of the evaluation committee, the tenured faculty of the school, college or department, as specified in the unit guidelines, shall vote on whether or not to support the recommendation of the evaluation committee. This recommendation is reported to the candidate the department chair, and the dean (FHB 7.4.3).