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Dean's Letter

FHB 7.4.4:  Upon receipt of the evaluation report and any other recommendations, the dean shall then add a recommendation for action.  A copy of this recommendation shall be given to the faculty member and the department chair.  The dean shall submit the evaluation report and all other recommendations to the Provost for review by the Promotions and Tenure Committee (PTC).

Topics for the Dean to address in the letter should include but not be limited to:

  • Teaching - it is very helpful to the University PTC if the Dean frames the work the faculty member is doing in terms of the importance to the program, service to other majors, size of class, challenges and successes. Comments on the advising role within the department/unit . If the faculty  member has no formal advising role this should be mentioned also. Comments should give the unit perspective to the Promotion & Tenure Committee.
  •  Scholarship/artistic achievements -important to discuss in broad non-program specific language the importance of the body of work to the unit. The committee appreciates the broad description to include not only an outline of the quantity of work but the quality and the value of the work to the unit/discipline.
  • Service - importance of the candidate's service to the unit, the Pacific community and any local or national service provided.
  • Summary - this should include a clear recommendation regarding Promotion and or Tenure.
  • Important that the Dean's letter does not include new information that is not documented in the portfolio. If new information is included, documentation must be added to the portfolio, and the candidate and all prior review bodies must be provided the opportunity to respond to the new information prior to forwarding the portfolio to the Provost.