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Promotion and Tenure Portfolio Guidelines

Make sure you are following the most current guidelines. Guidelines may change and it is important to always follow current guidelines and keep the context of advice within the current guidelines when discussing Promotion and/or Tenure with colleagues who were tenured in prior years.

FHB 7.5.4.b: If a change in the standards occurs two years prior to the year of a candidate's tenure and/or promotion review, the decision will be based on the new standards. Unless the candidate so requests, changes occurring less than two years prior to a candidates review will not apply. This policy also applies to approved revisions of unit guidelines. When changes are made either at the University level or at the unit level, the unit must assist faculty to make the transition to the new standards in an equitable manner.

Supplemental documentation may be submitted to a candidate's Promotion and Tenure binder by any of the parties in the process. Supplemental material will have to go through each step of the evaluation process with time allowed for review by the candidate, the evaluation committee, department chair (if appropriate) and the unit/dean. This process must allow the candidate time for a final review and/or comment on any material added to his/her portfolio (FHB 7.5.2). 

Make sure binder is well labeled. Tabs dividing sections are very helpful. 

Below are tabs that should be included in the binder. Click on the title for more information regarding the section.

  1. Letter of Intent - Guidelines
  2. Cover Sheet
  3. Dean's Letter
  4. Department Chair's Letter
  5. Evaluation Committee's Report
  6. Curriculum Vita
  7. Self Evaluation
  8. Course Evaluations
  9. Course Materials
  10. Research/Scholarship/Artistic Endeavors
  11. External Letters
  12. Other Relevant Materials