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Deletion of Courses and Course Re-Numbering Policy

Please note that when you delete a course, you may not use the number for 7 years.

This is to ensure the integrity of the academic record as well as the accuracy of CAPP (Curriculum and Program Planning), the automated degree audit project currently underway.

When deleting a course, consider the following:

  • Cross- listed?

    Enter the names of all other departments included in the cross-list and indicate whether or not each department listed wishes to delete the course. Supply written evidence that the cross-listing departments are aware of, and agree to the deletion

  • Is the course deletion related to a new course proposal?

    Indicate whether or not the course deletion is related to a new course approval. If yes, please attach the request to the new course proposal. If not, provide a brief explanation for the desired deletion.

  • Does this course serve as a pre-requisite for courses in other departments?

    Please attach written evidence from affected departments indicating that each is aware of and agrees to the deletion.

  • Was this course required for the major in your department or another department?

    Indicate whether the course was required for majors in your department or in another department. You will also need to submit a “Change to Existing Program Proposal.”