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Forms, Procedures & Policies

Academic units have primary responsibility for determining the University’s undergraduate and graduate course inventory. Upon review of submittals, the Academic Affairs Committee (undergraduate and graduate) normally approves recommendations for new courses and deleting existing courses from the inventory. However, proposals for new courses may potentially duplicate in one or more respects the course offerings of other academic units or more generally raise academic concerns. The deletion of existing courses may affect other academic units, including degree requirements and the program of course requirements as would typically be listed in the catalog. This process is intended to facilitate appropriate levels of communication between academic units and the university-wide review of courses, programs, and degree requirements. In addition, new course approvals must meet general university guidelines, such as appropriate level of course offering and academic rigor, course prerequisites, and, when applicable, general education requirements (undergraduate). A formal proposal for a new course or for deleting an existing course must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate department and college or school curriculum committee, and the applicable Academic Affairs Committee (undergraduate or graduate). Proposals for new courses and for the deletion of existing courses carrying undergraduate and/or graduate credit must be submitted to the applicable Academic Affairs Committee (undergraduate or graduate) following procedures contained herein.  Additionally, these committee approves name changes of academic departments.

Program and Certificate Proposals:
Academic Approval Process and Forms

Course Proposals:
CIM - Course Inventory Management System

***An updated syllabus must be attached to all new and revised course forms***
Instructional videos:
Course Deletions
Course Revisions
New Courses

Additional Information:

The links below include general information regarding the course and program approval process: