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November 7, 2002

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of November 7, 2002

McCaffrey Center, Spruce Room


Present: Ron Hoverstad, Jean Purnell, Eric Thomas, Rolando Lazaro, Bob Cox, Keith Hatschek, Therese West, Susan Sample, Ash Brown, Tom Rajala, Bob Cox, Vivian Snyder, Andrew Hudson


Absent: Dennis Brennan


Guests: Provost Gilbertson


Chair Ron Hoverstad called the meeting to order at 3:10 p.m.


I.       Approval of the October 3, 2002 minutes

Motion: Therese West moved, Andrew Hudson seconded to approve the minutes. 

Motion unanimously approved. 


II.     Consent Agenda

         Motion: Bob Cox moved, Ash Brown seconded to approve the consent agenda items. 

Motion unanimously approved.


         Jean Purnell noted that some new courses on the Consent Agenda project low enrollments relative to the policy in the Faculty Handbook.  Bob Cox stated that College of the Pacific has their own guidelines pertaining to course enrollment.  The Faculty Handbook policy on class size enrollment will be examined at the next meeting.

         There is a concern regarding the course title RELI 142 / Business Ethics.  The title may be misleading to the students, for that reason it is tabled. 

Motion: Bob Cox moved, seconded by Therese West to accept the consent agenda with the exception of RELI 142 / Business Ethnics (Tabled). 

Motion passed unanimously.


III.    Program Review

1. Ethnic Studies has been removed from review until a future date.  The formal change from Black Studies to Ethnic Studies has not been completed.  The faculty that had been assigned to Ethnic Studies have been reassigned to other panels.  The units under review have been contacted and most of the self-studies have been completed.  The Humanities Project Review will take advantage of the documentation compiled by the other Humanities Departments. 

2. Provost Gilbertson explained the content of his September 12, 2002 memo to President DeRosa on Program Review Decisions for the Departments of History, Physics and Communication.  By the end of the Program Review process the department has an understanding of what their program goals are and it took going through the review process get there.  The History Department has changed dramatically in the last five years.  Alumni need to be identified and invited to return to talk to students.  The Physics Department has facilities problems that need to be resolved; lighting, painting, and repairing of equipment.  There is an increase in the number of Physics students and staff positions are needed but there is a concern that enrollment might not be permanent.  The main concerns are the facilities and staffing.  The Communication Department needs to become stronger in quality and focus.  The funding for forensics has not changed in many years and this has an effect on the students.  They are not able to attend tournaments.  Scholarships would have to be developed.  The Program Review process has become more systematic about administrative program review.  Jean Purnell will oversee, in an informal way, the coordination of Program Review for non-academic units.

3. Art & Art History will complete Program Review after their external accreditation site visit.


Motion: Bob Cox moved, seconded by Ash Brown to approve the current Program Review panel members for 2002-03. 

Motion passed unanimously.


IV.   Program Changes



V.     Old Business

1. R. Hoverstad discussed his draft memo to the Deans, Associate Deans, and Curriculum Committee Chairs on ways of encouraging faculty to make sure that the syllabi for the courses they teach include both learning objectives and methods for the assessment of student learning.  The memo will be re-drafted to reflect the concerns and comments of the committee members and presented at the next meeting before sending out to the units for further comment.

2. The AP/IB Policy Recommendations were tabled by the Academic Council.  Becky Beal asked Ron Hoverstad to meet with Ray Sylvester.  The minimum number was dropped from 8 to 4 for an AP course and from 5 to 4 for an IB course. 

Motion: Eric Thomas moved, seconded by Ash Brown to approve the change of lowering the AP/IB Policy Change.

Motion passed unanimously.   


VI.    Other

1. Modification of the semester start date: When appropriate, the start date will be on a Monday.  January 13, 2003 will be the semester start date instead of Tuesday, January 14, 2003.  Ron Hoverstad will send a memo to Julie Sina regarding student issues on having the business offices open.  The first day will begin at 8:00 a.m. 

Motion: Eric Thomas moved, seconded by Therese West to change the semester start date.

Motion passed with one abstention.


2. Projected Five-Year Calendar: 2004 – 2009.  Spring 2005 semester date will begin on Tuesday, January 11 (Martin Luther King Day, Monday). 

Motion: Bob Cox moved, seconded by Ash Brown to approve the Five-Year calendar dated 10/16/02 with one modification. 

Motion passed with one abstention.


VII. Adjournment

         Motion: Andrew Hudson moved, seconded by Susan Sample to adjourn.

         Motion passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


Submitted by

Rosie Fox, Academic Affairs Secretary