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December 5, 2002

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of December 5, 2002

McCaffrey Center, Spruce Room


Present: Ron Hoverstad, Jean Purnell, Therese West, Bob Cox, Ash Brown, Susan Sample, Vivian Snyder, Keith Hilton, Andrew Hudson, Cecilia Rodriguez


Absent: Eric Thomas, Rolando Lazaro, Dennis Brennan


Guests: Ken Albala, David Chase, Ken Beauchamp, Lucinda Kasser, J.B. Dyas, Deann Christianson

Chair Ron Hoverstad called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

I.      Program Changes


Ken Albala described how the curriculum changes will result in a more streamlined and goal-oriented program that will train students more effectively as historians.

Motion: Box Cox moved, Susan Sample seconded to approve the History revisions.

Motion unanimously approved.

II.    Approval of the November 7, 2002 Minutes

Motion: Ash Brown moved, Andrew Hudson seconded to approve the minutes.  Motion unanimously approved.

III.    Consent Agenda

Tabled Item: RELI 142 (Business Ethnics) COP Religious Studies

The title will remain but the course description has been changed.  This course satisfies the General Education IIB Category requirement.

Motion: Vivian Snyder moved, Ash Brown seconded to remove RELI 142 from the table and include it in the Consent Agenda.  

Motion unanimously approved.


Motion: Bob Cox moved, Keith Hilton seconded to approve all of the consent agenda items.

Motion unanimously approved.


IV.  Program Review

The 2002-03 Program Review Panels are fully staffed with the exception of a few students to be assigned.  A 2002-08 Chart illustrates when the Stockton campus academic support units and other units will participate in the Program Review process.  The Humanities Program Review is underway but the Self-Study is not expected until December or January.

Motion: Ash Brown moved, Therese West seconded to approve the updated Program Review panel members for 2002-03. 

Motion passed unanimously.


V.   Program Changes

Conservatory of Music

Brubeck Institute

A request was made by J.B. Dyas, Executive Director, to approve the Jazz education courses that constitute the curriculum of the Brubeck Institute performance program.  This is not an accredited program but a one-year certificate program with a second-year option.

Motion: Bob Cox moved, Ash Brown seconded to approve the new program of the Conservatory of Music, Brubeck Institute. 

Motion passed unanimously.


College of the Pacific


Deann Christianson reported to the committee the reasons for revising the B.S. in Applied Mathematics.

Motion: Andrew Hudson moved, Vivian Snyder seconded to approve the course changes.

Motion passed unanimously.


Art and Art History

Lucinda Kasser presented the curriculum changes within three of the programs of study; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Art History will put a greater focus on the major.

Motion: Susan Sample moved, Therese West seconded to approve the changes in Art and Art History.

Motion passed unanimously.



Ken Beauchamp summarized the changes within the Psychology Major/Minor and the introductory course to the major.

Motion: Bob Cox moved, Therese West seconded to approve the Psychology course changes.

Motion passed unanimously. 


VI.  Old Business

Ron Hoverstad will make revisions to his memo given to the committee members at the November 2002 meeting regarding course syllabi and present it at the February 2003 meeting.


VII.  Other

1. A copy of section 11.7 Course Syllabus within the Faculty Handbook, approved by Academic                Council and adopted June 2002, was made available to the members.  This section provides an outline listing    the requirements in providing a complete course syllabus to the students.

2. The COP policy on class size is not available at this time.


VIII. Adjournment

Motion: Susan Sample moved, Andrew Hudson seconded to adjourn.

Motion passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.



Submitted by

Rosie Fox, Secretary

Academic Affairs Committee