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February 6, 2003

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of February 6, 2003

McCaffrey Center, Spruce Room


Present: Jean Purnell, Ron Hoverstad, Rolando Lazaro, Ash Brown, Bob Cox, Vivian Snyder, Therese West, Andrew Hudson, Susan Sample, Keith Hilton


Absent: Eric Thomas


Guests: Doug Smith, Tom Wrensch, Cecilia Rodriguez


Chair Ron Hoverstad called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.


I.       Approval of the December 5, 2002 Minutes

Motion: Vivian Snyder moved, Ash Brown seconded to approve the minutes. 
Motion unanimously approved.

II.     Consent Agenda

Department coordinators and chairpersons were asked by the Registrar to officially delete courses that were no longer being offered to students but were still listed in the University Banner system.  Ron Hoverstad and Jean Purnell stated why many of the submitted course forms were not available on the web for viewing.

Motion: Vivian Snyder moved, Ash Brown seconded to approve the consent agenda items.

Motion unanimously approved.

III.    Program Review

A revised list of the 2002-03 Program Review Panel members was distributed.
Motion: Andrew Hudson moved, Therese West seconded to approve the revised 2002-03 Program Review Panel list.

Motion passed unanimously.

VI.    Old Business

Memorandum written by Ron Hoverstad dated January 28, 2003, regarding course syllabi.  Discussion among the members resulted in revising the memo to include a statement of how the Academic Affairs Committee interprets the syllabi guidelines of the new Faculty Handbook, section 11.7, adopted June 2002.  The following statement provided by Susan Sample was accepted by the committee to be included in the memo.  “As measures of their having achieved stated course learning objectives, students’ assignments may be retained for purposes of ongoing assessment of the [program/department's] learning objectives.”  Ron Hoverstad will present the memo to the Academic Council at the March 2003 meeting.


V.     Program Changes

School of Engineering and Computer Sciences

Doug Smith stated that curriculum change was necessary to meet evolving technology and new prerequisites will reflect other curricular changes that will prepare the students for the course content.  Computer Sciences is still a 4-year program. 
Motion: Ash Brown moved, Vivian Snyder seconded to program changes in Computer Science.

Motion passed unanimously.

VI.    Other

Cross-listed courses.

The purpose of cross-listing courses is to provide a convenience for the students in locating the courses and it also shows an agreement between 2 academic units.  Cecilia Rodriguez, Registrar, stated that a form reflecting this agreement is required before it can be listed as a cross-listed course.  Further discussion on this will continue. 


VII. Adjournment

Motion: Ash Brown moved, Therese West seconded to adjourn.

Motion passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.



Submitted by

Rosie Fox, Secretary

Academic Affairs Committee