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March 6, 2003

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of March 6, 2003

McCaffrey Center Spruce Room


Present: Ron Hoverstad, Jean Purnell, Eric Thomas, Bob Cox, Rolando Lazaro, Vivian Snyder, Therese West, Susan Sample, Keith Hilton, Gary Miller, Margee Ensign


Absent: Ash Brown, Andrew Hudson, Dennis Brennan


Guests: Camille Norton, Marisa Kelly, Cort Smith, Lou Matz, Lucien Dhooge


Chair Ron Hoverstad called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.


I.       Approval of the February 6, 2003 Minutes

         Corrections to the February minutes were made to the spelling of Andres Hudson to Andrew Hudson and Keith Hilton’s name was moved from being absent to present. 

Motion: Vivian Snyder moved, Bob Cox seconded to approve the amended minutes.
Motion unanimously approved.


II.     Consent Agenda

Courses BUSI 186 and BUSI 188 were withdrawn from consideration for the Business School.

Motion: Eric Thomas moved, Bob Cox seconded to approve the consent agenda items with the removal of BUSI 186 and BUSI 188.

Motion unanimously approved.


III.    Old Business

No action was taken on the memorandum written by Ron Hoverstad dated January 28, 2003 regarding course syllabi.


IV.    Program Review

a. Panel Membership: A revised list of the 2002-03 Program Review panel members that included an additional faculty member was distributed.  There was some discussion concerning the possibility of an alternate for a panel member who may be unable to participate due to medical reasons.  This discussion will resume at a later date.

Motion: Susan Sample moved, Eric Thomas seconded to approve the additional faculty member to the Humanities Project panel. 

Motion passed unanimously.
b. Gender Studies:
Camille Norton provided an overview of the program and commented on the Gender Studies Panel Report.  C. Norton stressed the importance of having a full-time coordinator, the need for more funding and administrative staff to assist.  It was necessary to Postpone action on the report until the April meeting due to the absence of a Program Review panel member.

c. School of International Studies: Margee Ensign was available to respond to questions by the committee members but due to the absence of a panel member, further discussion was postponed until the April meeting. 

d. Philosophy: Lucien Dhooge reviewed the recommendations of the Philosophy panel.  Lou Matz, Department Chair, was appreciative of the efforts and recommendations made by the panel. 
Motion: Eric Thomas moved, Keith Hilton seconded to accept the procedures used by the panel.

Motion passed unanimously.


Motion: Bob Cox moved, Vivian Snyder seconded to approve the Philosophy Panel Report.

Motion passed unanimously.

Discussion focused on whether the involvement of the Philosophy faculty with the Mentor Seminar program hindered their ability to develop or enhance upper division courses in the department.  Bob Cox recommended a cover letter drafted by Ron Hoverstad should accompany the report.  The memo should include statements of strong support for recommendation #2 (new faculty line), possibly linking recommendations 1 (increase upper division offerings) and 2, and also that Philosophy should not decrease its involvement in the Mentor Seminar program. 

Motion: Bob Cox moved, Keith Hilton seconded to attach a cover letter to the Philosophy Panel Report.

Motion passed unanimously.


V.     Program Changes

College of the Pacific

Jacoby Center for Community and Regional Studies


Minor: Interdisciplinary Helping Professions (Postponed until April 2003)


VI.    Adjournment

Motion: Bob Cox moved, Susan Sample seconded to adjourn.

Motion passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.



Submitted by

Rosie Fox, Secretary

Academic Affairs Committee