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April 3, 2003

Academic Affairs Committee

Minutes of April 3, 2003

McCaffrey Center Spruce Room


Present: Ron Hoverstad, Jean Purnell, Eric Thomas, Bob Cox, Rolando Lazaro, Vivian Snyder, Therese West, Susan Sample, Keith Hilton, Margee Ensign, Dennis Brennan


Absent: Ash Brown


Guests: Cynthia Wagner-Weick, Cynthia Dobbs, Brian Klunk, Marisa Kelly, Katie Golsan, Juan Casillas, Lori Warner, George Wenzel, Joanna Royce-Davis, Bruce La Brack


Chair Ron Hoverstad called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.


I.       Approval of the March 6, 2003 Minutes

         Motion: Vivian Snyder, Therese West seconded to approve the minutes.
Motion unanimously approved.

II.     Consent Agenda

Motion: Susan Sample, Andrew Hudson seconded to approve the consent agenda items.

Motion unanimously approved.

III.    Program Review

         a. Panel Membership: No changes to report.


b. Gender Studies Program: Panel Chair Professor Lori Warner presented a summary of the recommendations and an addendum to the Gender Studies report.  The addendum, recommendation #3, was read in its entirety to the committee members.  The addendum recommends a long-range strategic plan for learning assessment, experiential learning, and program quality.  The responsibilities to implement the panel recommendations will fall on the Gender Studies Board.

Motion: Bob Cox, Andrew Hudson approved to accept the Gender Study Program report with the addendum.

Motion unanimously approved.

Lori Warner explained the process used by the panel to prepare the report.

Motion: Eric Thomas, Therese West approved the process followed by the panel.

Motion unanimously approved.


c. School of International Studies: Panel Chair Professor Rich Tenaza presented a summary of the recommendations for faculty and curriculum issues, facilities, recruitment issues, and the relationship between SIS and Office of International Programs and Services (OIPS).  R. Tenaza stressed the need for more space.  Dean Ensign stated that SIS has addressed some of the issues since the report; a new student-narrated recruiting video has been created, and SIS will be taking back the recruiting effort from the Admissions Office in 2004.  M. Ensign requested that a committee to address issues between OIPS and SIS not be set up until their review process is complete.  SIS has added a masters program and the one full-time faculty member currently spends three-fourths of the time on the masters program.  Modern Languages and Literature will have a language lab and will work with the School of International Studies.  The problem of accounting for FTE workload assignments for joint faculty in COP and SIS has been worked out by the two units.  Ron Hoverstad will include in his memo to Academic Council a statement on the issue of student/faculty count, and concerns raised by one SIS student in a letter written to the panel that addressed volunteer work and Internship in International Studies. 

Motion: Bob Cox, Eric Thomas approved to accept the SIS report.

Motion unanimously approved.

Motion: Vivian Snyder, Keith Hilton approved to accept the process used by the panel.

Motion unanimously approved.


d. Modern Languages and Literature: Panel Chair Professor Brian Klunk described the process used by the panel members to complete the report.  They reviewed the previous self-study and external evaluator’s report, gathered additional data on Modern Language; met with the Dean of COP, interviewed faculty members within the department and other faculty associated with the department.  A survey was administered to all the students in language courses in Spring 2003 who were majors or minors.  The department has made curriculum changes since the last Program Review in 1996-1997.  B. Klunk summarized the recommendations.  Katie Golsan, MLL Chair, accepted the recommendations submitted by the panel.  Marisa Kelly, Associate Dean/COP, addressed the first recommendation that the University should commit to the department that there will be no future loss of faculty without a recommendation from a program review.  This recommendation would reduce the flexibility in how resources are managed in the college including resources to the MLL department.  This reluctance to accept recommendation #1 does not imply any intention to downsize the department.  M. Kelly endorsed the recommendation to explore the possibilities of using technology to serve the language needs of students who are currently not served by the department.  The language lab will be equipped upon completion of the Humanities expansion to WPC; endorsed the idea that an International Education committee should advise regarding better coordination of programs with International Education emphasis (OIPS, SIS, and MLL).  B. Klunk stated that responsibility for recommendation #3 should be addressed by the Provost Office. 

Motion: Andrew Hudson, Bob Cox approved to accept the MLL report.

Motion unanimously approved.

Motion: Vivian Snyder, Susan Sample approved to accept the process used by the panel.

Motion unanimously approved.


IV.    Program Changes

COP/Jacoby Center for Community and Regional Studies

Addition: Minor: Interdisciplinary Helping Professions (Postponed until May 1, 2003)


Art and Art History: Deletion of the Major: Art History is due to concerns of the accrediting agency, NASAD, and the size of the major.  There will still be a Minor: Art History. 

Motion: Bob Cox, Eric Thomas approved to accept the deletion of Major: Art History.

Motion unanimously approved.


School of Education/Educational Administration

Addition: Specialization in College Student Affairs (M.A.): This is not a new or revised major but a new emphasis within the current program.  Dennis Brennan stated that it has been approved by the Graduate Studies Committee.  Joanna Royce-Davis affirmed that even with limited marketing there is a great interest in the program.

Motion: Bob Cox, Keith Hilton approved the new Specialization in College Student Affairs.

Motion unanimously approved.

V.     Old Business

Syllabus Memo: A summary of the discussion at the Academic Council meeting was contributed by Vivian Snyder, Ron Hoverstad and Jean Purnell.  What material is collected from the student and how it is collected is to be determined by the professor.  R. Hoverstad will write a memo to Becky Beal, Academic Council Chair with the recommended changes to the Faculty Handbook and with a brief statement that copies of student work may be retained for the purpose of learning assessment.

Motion: Bob Cox, Andrew Hudson approved the proposal for changes to the Faculty Handbook.

Motion unanimously approved.


VI.    Other

Proposed changes to Graduate Student Policies: Dennis Brennan provided an overview of the changes to the committee members.

Motion: Vivian Snyder, Eric Thomas approved the recommended changes to the Graduate Student Policies.

Motion unanimously approved.


VII.  Adjournment

Motion: Bob Cox, Andrew Hudson approved meeting adjournment.

Motion passed unanimously.   


Meeting adjourned at 5:45 p.m.




Submitted by

Rosie Fox, Secretary

Academic Affairs Committee