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Board of Regents

The Board of Regents of University of the Pacific is entrusted with final responsibility for the quality and integrity of the education provided by the University. It selects the President, approves the purposes of the University, and ensures provision of adequate resources to support the University. The Board protects the University from external pressures antithetical to academic freedom and to University autonomy or integrity.

The Board of Regents comprises a diverse set of experts from business, education, law and other fields. Many Regents are graduates of University of the Pacific. The board has up to 35 members and strives to include graduates of all three campuses and professional schools.

Regents serve three-year terms and can be reappointed twice, for a total allowable three consecutive terms. Nominations for new Regents are made by the board's Committee on Regents, which seeks a breadth of professional, educational, geographic and cultural backgrounds. As with most nonprofit higher education institutions, board membership is a volunteer position. At Pacific, Regents pay for their own travel, lodging and other expenses to attend University meetings and events.

To strengthen University relationships, the chair and chair-elect of the Academic Council, the president and president-elect of the Pacific Alumni Association and the president of the Associated Students of University of the Pacific (AsUOP) are recognized as liaison representatives to the Board of Regents and are invited to represent their constituencies at Regents meetings. Liaisons are ex-officio without vote and may not grant substitution by proxy or otherwise.

The board meets four times each academic year, once on each of Pacific's campuses in Stockton, San Francisco and Sacramento. As a private university, Pacific does not open its meetings to the public.