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September 5, 2002

Academic Affairs Committee
September 5, 2002
McCaffrey Center / Pine Room
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

I. Welcome and orientation to the Academic Affairs Committee                                              Information

II. New web site, Distribution of Committee Materials, Procedures for Submitting Course Forms,
     and Course Approval Timeline Dates

III. Approval of Minutes                                                                                                              Action
       May 16, 2002

IV. Consent Agenda                                                                                                                     Action
       School of Education                                                                                                         
       Educational and Counseling Psychology
  EPSY 269                                 California Law
       School of Engineering
       Mechanical Engineering    
        MECH 104                               Introduction to Mechatronics
        MECH 110                               Instrumentation & Exper. Methods

       Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
       Pharmacy Practice

    PRAC 160                                Pain Management

       Pharmaceutics & Medicinal Chemistry
 PMED 142                                Pharmaceutical Compounding

V.  AB/IB Policy Recommendations                                                                              Discussion and Action
VI.   Program Review                                                                                                      Information and Action
  a. President's Decisions Regarding Program Reviews in 2001-2002
b. Approval of Program Review Panels for 2002-2003*
        c. Program Review Guidelines - Revised
        d. Program Review Outcomes

VII. Program Changes

VIII. Learning Assessment Report                                                                                              Information                                                                                                                                                              
IX.    Other

* to be distributed at the meeting