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December 5, 2002

Academic Affairs Committee

December 5, 2002

McCaffrey Center / Spruce Room

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM




I.                   Approval of Minutes                                                                                     Action 

November 7, 2002


II.                Consent Agenda                                                                                             Action

College of the Pacific

Religious Studies


            RELI 142        Business Ethics (Tabled, November 7, 2002)


            School of Engineering and Computer Science


ENGR 5          Introduction to Engineering


College of the Pacific / School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Pharmacy & Chemical Sciences


PCSP 283        Multidisciplinary Project

PCSP 291/391 Experiential Learning Program


Eberhardt School of Business

MBA Program


BUSI 259        Employment Law


III.             Program Review                                                                 Information and Action

a. Update on Panel Membership

b. Academic Support and Other Unit Program Review Schedule


IV.             Program Changes                                                                                       Action

            College of the Pacific


            Revision:Major: B.A. In History



HIST 93          Special Topics

HIST 126        World War II - Vietnam

HIST 150        Japan to 1868

HIST 154        History of Communism in China

HIST 160        History of American Business

HIST 166        US Intellectual History I

HIST 168        US Intellectual History II

HIST 178        History of Modern Ideas

HIST 299        Thesis

HIST189/289  Practicum



HIST 10          Western Civilization I

HIST 11          Western Civilization II

HIST 20          U.S. History I

HIST 21          U.S. History II

HIST 30          East Asian Civilization I

HIST 31          East Asian Civilization II

HIST 40          Latin American Civilization I

HIST 41          Latin American Civilization II

HIST 60          History of Medicine

HIST 61          Global History of Food

HIST 100        Renaissance & Reformation

HIST 101        Tudor and Stuart England

HIST 102        Spanish Empire

HIST 103        Roots of Russian History

HIST 104        The European Age

HIST 105        Ancient Greece

HIST 106        History of Ancient Rome

HIST 110        French & Russian Revolutions

HIST 111        Europe in Turmoil

HIST 112        History of the Holocaust

HIST 113        Europe Since 1945

HIST 114        Modern Germany

HIST 115        History of Modern Russia

HIST 116        History of Soviet Foreign Policy

HIST 120        Native American History

HIST 121        Colonial America

HIST 122        Revolution and the New Nation

HIST 123        Civil War Era

HIST 124        History of American West

HIST 130        History of California

HIST 131        John Muir and the Environment

HIST 132        History of American Immigration

HIST 133        Women in US History

HIST 134        African American History

HIST 135        Women in Time & Place

HIST 140        Southeast Asia & the West

HIST 141        Pre-modern China to 1840

HIST 142        Modern Chinese History

HIST 143        Modernization of Japan

HIST 150        Women in Latin America

HIST 151        History of Mexico

HIST 171        Independent Study – Reading Tutorial

HIST 172        Special Topics – Research Seminar

HIST 173        Independent Study – Research Tutorial

HIST 187        Internship



HIST 50          World History I

HIST 51          World History II

HIST 160        Pacific History Seminar (Capstone)


Conservatory of Music

Brubeck Institute

New Program


MUBI 40         Jazz Improvisation (First Semester)

MUBI 41         Jazz Improvisation (Second Semester)

MUBI 010       Brubeck Institute Ensemble

MUBI 020       Individual Instruction (First Semester)

MUBI 021       Individual Instruction (Second Semester)

MUBI 030       Jazz Piano Class (First Semester)

MUBI 031       Jazz Piano Class (Second Semester)

MUBI 050       Jazz Theory

MUBI 051       Jazz Arranging

MUBI 080       Special Project

MUBI 090       Recital



Revision:Major: B.S. in Applied Mathematics

MATH 157     Applied Differential Equations II: PDEs


Art and Art History

Revision: Major: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art



ARTS 9           Principles of Three Dimensional Design

ARTS 183       Art Studio / Seminar II



ARTS 5           Drawing

ARTS 7           Principles of Two Dimensional Design and Color

ARTS 11         Photography I

ARTS 21         Life Drawing I

ARTS 23         Painting I

ARTS 35         Ceramics

ARTS 37         Sculpture

ARTS 45         Digital Photography

ARTS 47         Digital Media Survey

ARTS 57         Watercolor Painting

ARTS 59         Printmaking I

ARTS 79         Typography

ARTS 103       Graphic Production

ARTS 121       Life Drawing II

ARTS 123       Painting II

ARTS 125       Painting III

ARTS 127       Illustration

ARTS 133       Three Dimensional Studio I

ARTS 135       Three Dimensional Studio II

ARTS 141       Photography II

ARTS 143       Photography III

ARTS 150       Relief Printmaking and Letter Press

ARTS 171       Graphic Design III

ARTS 175       Senior Graphic Design Seminar

ARTS 181       Art Studio / Seminar I

ARTS 185       Art Studio / Seminar III



ARTS 43         Ceramics II

ARTS 50         Figure Sculpture I

ARTS 52         Figure Sculpture II

ARTS 82         Illustration II

ARTS 151       Ceramics III

Revision:Major: Bachelor in Fine Arts in Graphic Design


ARTS 101       History of Graphic Design



ARTS 91         Computer Graphic Design I: Print Media

ARTS 95         Computer Graphic Design II: Time-Based Media


Bachelor of Arts in Art History


ARTH 116      Contemporary World Art

ARTH 118      Art in the Unites States: 1865-1945



Revision: Major: Psychology


PSYC 25         Foundations of Psychology


PSYC 193       Special Topics



Minor: Lifespan Development

Minor: Child Psychology



V.        Old Business                                                                                   Information

a. Learning Assessment in Course Syllabi


VI.       Faculty Handbook Policy on Course Size                                     Information


VII.     Other