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February 6, 2003

Academic Affairs Committee

February 6, 2003

McCaffrey Center / Spruce Room

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM




I.                   Approval of Minutes                                                                                                           Action 

December 5, 2002


II.                Consent Agenda                                                                                                                  Action

College of the Pacific

Jacoby Center


JCTR 191        Independent Study




HIST 64          History of Peace & War: Honors



HIST 291        Independent Study

HIST 293        Special Topics


Conservatory of Music

Music Composition


MCOM 024    Composition


Music Education


MEDU 100     Music for Children


Music History


MHIS 180       Research in Music History

MHIS 260       Special Studies in Music Literature

MHIS 263       Musicology Seminar

MHIS 265       Music Bibliography

MHIS 299       Thesis



MHIS 191       Independent Study / Change to 3 units from 1 to 2 units

MHIS 193       Special Topics / Change to 3 units from 1 to 3 units

MHIS 197       Research in Music History

MHIS 291       Independent Study / Change to 3 units from 1 to 3 units

MHIS 293       Special Topics / Change to 3 units from 1 to 3 units


Music Management


MMGT 154     Arts Law and Grant Writing


Music Performance


MPER 061      Woodwind Ensemble

MPER 062      Brass Ensemble

MPER 064      Harp Ensemble

MPER 065      Guitar Ensemble

MPER 071      Football Band

MPER 160      Chamber Ensemble, Advanced

MPER 161      Woodwind Ensemble

MPER 162      Brass Ensemble

MPER 163      Advanced Percussion Ensemble

MPER 164      Harp Ensemble

MPER 165      Guitar Ensemble

MPER 166      Advanced Jazz Ensemble

MPER 168      Collegium Musicum

MPER 170      Advanced University Symphony Orchestra

MPER 171      Advanced Football Band

MPER 172      Advanced Symphonic Wind Ensemble

MPER 173      Advanced Concert Band

MPER 180      Advanced Opera Production

MPER 182      Advanced Oriana Choir

MPER 183      Advanced University Chorus

MPER 184      Advanced Pacific Singers


Music Therapy


MTHR 187     Internship in Music Therapy



MTHR 118     Basic Skills in Music For Special Education

MTHR 242     Contemporary Issues in Music Therapy

MTHR 243     Research in Music Therapy



MTHR 018     Basic Skills in Music for Special Education


Benerd School of Education

Curriculum & Instruction


SPED 198m    Directed Teaching: Special Education: Mild/Moderate

SPED 198s      Directed Teaching: Special Education: Moderate/Severe


Eberhardt School of Business


BUSI 82          Public Management


All revisions involve requirement that students achieve a minimum C grade in pre-requisite course


BUSI 113A     Intermediate Accounting

BUSI 115        Tax Accounting

BUSI 117        Cost Accounting

BUSI 121        Financial Markets

BUSI 124        Entrepreneurial Finance

BUSI 125        Intermediate Financial Management

BUSI 127        Legal Aspects of Real Estate

BUSI 128        Real Estate Valuation and Investment

BUSI 129        Real Estate Finance

BUSI 134        Conflict Management

BUSI 141        Marketing Research

BUSI 143        Product Innovation

BUSI 145        Retailing and Channels

BUSI 147        Consumer Behavior

BUSI 149        Strategic Marketing

BUSI 157        Commercial Law

BUSI 159        Employment Law

BUSI 163        International Financial Management

BUSI 165        International Marketing

BUSI 167        International Business Law

BUSI 169        Comparative Management

BUSI 170        Human Resources Management

BUSI 172        Entrepreneurship

BUSI 173        Designing Effective Organizations

BUSI 175        Leadership and Change

BUSI 176        Managing Small Businesses


School of Engineering and Computer Science

All Engineering Depts.


ENGR 15        Engineering Graphics


Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering


ECPE 131       Introduction to Integrated Circuits

ECPE 131L     Introduction to Integrated Circuits Lab

ECPE 153       Computer Graphics

ECPE 177       Computer Networking




MECH 110     Instrumentation and Experimental Methods

MECH 120     Machine Design and Analysis I

MECH 129     Vibrations

MECH 150     Heat Transfer



MECH 125     Machine Design and Analysis II


School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Pharmaceutics and Medicinal Chemistry


PMED 100      History of Pharmacy

PMED 110      Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

PMED 110L   Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms/Lab

PMED 112      Pharmaceutical Calculations

PMED 114      Biophysical Prop. of Drugs

PMED 115      Prob. Solv in Bio. Pr. of Dr.

PMED 120      Intro to Parenteral Products

PMED 120L   Intro to Parenteral Products/Lab

PMED 123      BioChemistry

PMED 123L   BioChemistry/Lab

PMED 124      BioChemistry

PMED 131      BioPharmaceutics

PMED 132      Galenical Pharmacy

PMED 133      Medicinal Plants

PMED 134      Medicinal Chemistry I

PMED 141      Clinical Pharmacokinetics

PMED144       Medicinal Chemistry II

PMED 154      Chemotherapeutic Agents

PMED 161      Nutrition

PMED 189      Industrial Pharmacy I

PMED 190      Industrial Pharmacy II


Physiology and Pharmacology


PHYP 108       Clinical Depression

PHYP 109       Physiologic Changes in Aging

PHYP 117       Human Physiology and Anatomy I

PHYP 117L    Human Physiology and Anatomy I/Lab

PHYP 124       Com. Pediatric Diseases/Treat.

PHYP 127       Human Physiology & Anatomy II

PHYP 127L    Human Physiology & Anatomy II/Lab

PHYP 133       Endocrinology

PHYP 134       Cell Regulation & Oncology

PHYP 135       Pharmacology-Toxicology I

PHYP 135L    Pharmacology-Toxicology I/Lab

PHYP 136       Pharmacology-Toxicology Lab

PHYP 137       Human Physiology & Anatomy III

PHYP 145       Pharmacology-Toxicology II

PHYP 145L    Pharmacology-Toxicology II/Lab

PHYP 147       Immunology and Inflammation

PHYP 148       Cardiovascular/Renal Pathophys

PHYP 155       Pharmacogenetics/Gene Therapy

PHYP 156       Disease States II

PHYP 201       Pro-seminar in Physiology and Pharmacology

PHYP 220       Biotechniques

PHYP 230       Clinical Psychopharmacology

PHYP 246       Molecular Pharm./Nucleic Acids

PHYP 250       Functional Neuroanatomy

PHYP 251       Cardiovascular Physio & Pharm

PHYP 258       Toxicology

PHYP 261       Biochemical Pharmacology

PHYP 263       Neurochemical Pharmacology

PHYP 273       Electrophysiological Tech

PHYP 274       App Clinical/Lab Electrophysiology

PHYP 295       Graduate Seminar

PHYP 395       Seminar


Pharmacy Practice


PRAC 187V   Surgery Rotation

PRAC 113      Intro to Pharmacy Practice

PRAC 115      Medical Microbiology

PRAC 122      Drug Information

PRAC 124      Community & Institutional Pharmacy

PRAC 125      Medical Microbiology

PRAC 137      Teaching Drug Information Labs

PRAC 139      Microcomputer Programming

PRAC 142      Clin. Lab. & Phy. Assessment Techniques

PRAC 144      The Skilled Nursing Facility

PRAC 152      OTC Therapeutics & Health Acc.

PRAC 153      Pharmacy Management

PRAC 154      Applied Finance for Pharmacy

PRAC 155      Pharmacy Management Information Systems

PRAC 157      Therapeutics I

PRAC 158      Therapeutics I Seminar

PRAC 158A   Therapeutics Seminar

PRAC 158B    Therapeutics II Seminar

PRAC 162      Contemporary Pharmacy Practice

PRAC 163      Pharmacy Law & Ethics

PRAC 166      Pediatric Pharmacokinetics

PRAC 167      Therapeutics II

PRAC 168      Pediatric Pharmacokinetics

PRAC 169      Therapeutics III

PRAC 180      Clin. Nuclear Pharm. Clerkship

PRAC 215      Advanced Microbiology

PRAC 220      Immunology

PRAC 230      Clinical Psychopharmacology

PRAC 282      Long-Term Care Practice

PRAC 283      Ambulatory Care Practice

PRAC 285      Topics in Acute Care Practice

PRAC 286      Topics in Acute Care Practice




PHAR 100      Pharmacy Systems, Experience I

PHAR 101      Professionalization/Student I

PHAR 102      Pharmacy Systems II  I

PHAR 110      Professionalization/Student I

PHAR 120      Professionalization/Student II

PHAR 130      Introductory Practice Experience I

PHAR 130c    Early Pharmacy Practice Experience

PHAR 140      Intro Practice Experience II

PHAR 140c    Early Pharmacy Practice Experience

PHAR 150      Introductory Practice Experience

PHAR 150c    Early Pharmacy Practice Experience

Physical Therapy


PTHR 311       Gross Human Anatomy

PTHR 312       Exercise Physiology in Physical Therapy

PTHR 313       Clinical Kinesiology I

PTHR 314       Intro to Physical Therapy and Patient Care I

PTHR 315       Histology and Immunology

PTHR 316       Physical Therapy Examination and Evaluation

PTHR 317       Research: Theory and Application

PTHR 321       The Nervous System and Behavior

PTHR 322       Physical Agents

PTHR 323       Clinical Kinesiology II

PTHR 324       Intro to Physical Therapy and Patient Care II

PTHR 325       Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy

PTHR 326       Therapeutic Exercise: Basic Theory and Application

PTHR 327       Clinical Experience I

PTHR 331       Pathophysiology

PTHR 332       Electrotherapy

PTHR 333       Analysis of Movement Through the Lifespan

PTHR 334       Medical Conditions and Screening for Medical Disease

PTHR 336       Clinical Experience II

PTHR 338       Clinical Experience III

PTHR 341       Integumentary Physical Therapy

PTHR 342       Administration and Management of Physical Therapy Services I

PTHR 343       Geriatric Physical Therapy

PTHR 344       Neuromuscular Physical Therapy

PTHR 345       Advanced Clinical Problems I

PTHR 346       Seminar

PTHR 347       Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy

PTHR 351       Prosthetics and Orthotics

PTHR 352       Administration and Management of Physical Therapy Services II

PTHR 353       Diagnostic Imaging for Physical Therapists

PTHR 354       Pediatric Physical Therapy

PTHR 355       Advanced Clinical Problems II

PTHR 356       Psychosocial Aspects of Illness and Disability

PTHR 357       Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy II

PTHR 358       Clinical Education and Professional Behavior

PTHR 359       Clinical Internship I

PTHR 368       Clinical Internship II

PTHR 369       Clinical Internship III

PTHR 391       Graduate Independent Study

PTHR 397       Research


III.             Program Review                                                                                                 Information and Action

a. Update on Panel Membership


IV.             Program Changes                                                                                                                 Action

College of the Pacific

Jacoby Center for Community and Regional Studies


Minor: Interdisciplinary Helping Professions (to be distributed)


School of Engineering and Computer Science

Computer Science


Major: Computer Science

Major: Computer Information Systems



COMP 71        Assembly Language and Systems Programming

COMP 87        Industrial Fellowship

COMP 101      Application Programming

COMP 188      Senior Project I



COMP 37        The Data Communication Environment

COMP 47        Discrete Math for Computer Science

COMP 51        Computer Science I

COMP 53        Computer Science II

COMP 63        Data Structures and Algorithms

COMP 73        Applied Operating Systems

COMP 125      Ethical and Social Implications of Technology

COMP 127      Client-Server Systems

COMP 129      Software Engineering

COMP 137      Distributed Computing

COMP 141      Programming Languages

COMP 151      Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

COMP 163      Database Management Systems

COMP 173      Operating Systems

COMP 189      Senior Project II


V.        Old Business                                                                                                Information and Discussion

Learning Assessment in Course Syllabi


VII.     Other