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March 6, 2003

Academic Affairs Committee

March 6, 2003

McCaffrey Center / Spruce Room

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM




I.                   Approval of Minutes                                                                                     Action 

February 6, 2003


II.                Consent Agenda                                                                                             Action

Benerd School of Education

Curriculum and Instruction


SPED 298M    Directed Teaching: Special Education: Mild / Moderate

SPED 298S     Directed Teaching: Special Education: Moderate / Severe


Educational Administration and Foundations


EADM 87       Fieldwork

EADM 105     Foundations for Teaching

EADM 132     Women Across Cultures

EADM 202     History and Philosophy of Education

EADM 306     Comparative Education

EADM 307     Sociology of Education

EADM 350A  Doctoral Seminar

EADM 360F   Field Exp.: Cur/Trds/Iss Ed. Adm

EADM 361F   Field Exp. Tech. Areas Adm. Pr.

EADM 362F   Field Exp. In Adm. Instr. Prog.

EADM 363F   Field Exp. In Adm. Personnel

EADM 364F   Field Exp.: Pol./Cult. Rel. Ed. Ad.

EADM 394     Sem.: District Office Administration


Educational and School Psychology


EPSY 105       Human Sexuality

EPSY 121       Learning and the Learner

EPSY 165       Introduction to Counseling

EPSY 166       Guid. Of Excep. Children/Parents

EPSY 173/273 Language Testing

EPSY 192D    Counseling and Behavior Lab I

EPSY 197       Research in Education

EPSY 263       Pers. Dyn./Couns. Across Cult.

EPSY 267       Career Counseling

EPSY 272       Life Span Development Issues

EPSY 275       Theor./Marr./Fam./Child Couns.

EPSY 277       Psychoth. Diag. Int./Marr. Fam.

EPSY 292D    Counseling Skills

EPSY 292E     Career Counseling Practicum

EPSY 292F     Nonpsychometric Assessment

EPSY 294E     MFCC Couns. Psychology Fieldwork

EPSY 392D    Counseling & Behavior Lab III

EPSY 392G    Personality Assessment & Diag.

EPSY 395A    Sem: Emotional Distub. In Children

EPSY 395B    Sem: Adv. Couns. Theory & Pract.

EPSY 395H    Sem: Learn. Theor. Prac. Schools

EPSY 395I      Sem: Chd. Grow. Theor. Ap. Ed.


Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences



PHAR 162      Self Care and Triage


Eberhardt School of Business


BUSI 186        Firm, Markets and Environment: Theory and Application

BUSI 188        Data and Decisions



BUSI 203        Legal and Ethical Environment of Business


III.             Program Review                                                                  Information and Action

a. Update on Panel Membership

b. Gender Studies

c. School of International Studies

d. Philosophy


IV.       Program Changes

College of the Pacific

Jacoby Center for Community and Regional Studies


Minor: Interdisciplinary Helping Professions                                                  Tentative


V.        Old Business                                                                                                   Action

Syllabus Memo


VI.       Other