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Academic Council Roster

Term Expires - 2020
Term Expires - 2021 Term Expires - 2022
Robert Halliwell, PHS Roshanak Rahimian, PHS Elizabeth Basha, ENG
Ann Miller, MUS Xin Guo, PHS
Lydia Fox, COP
Jeff Hole, COP Doug Weiser, COP John Sprankling, LAW
Albert Huang, BUS George Randels, COP
Ahmed Kanna, SIS
Scott Jensen, COP Darren Cox, DEN Paul Subar, DEN
Deepti Vyas, PHS Mike Vitiello, LAW Linda Webster, BEN
Shika Gupta, DEN Sarah Waltz, MUS Stefanie Naumann, BUS
Susan Giraldez, COP Ove Peters, DEN Michelle Maloney, LIB
Peter Meyer, COP Bill Swagerty, COP
Scott Merry, ENG
John Livesey, PHS, Past Chair Jeff Miles, BUS, Chair Jeff Shafer, ENG Chair-Elect

Emeriti Society (Voting)
Marilyn Draheim

Student Representatives (Voting)
John Gutierrez, ASuop Representative
TBD, Graduate Student Association Representative

Maria Pallavicini, Interim President Hector Escalante, Ombuds

Ex-Officio Non-Voting
Michael Hunter Schwartz, Interim Provost Janet Lucas, Athletic Director

Faculty Chairs of Schools/Colleges (Ex-Officio Non-Voting)
David Mueller, ENG Dan O'Neill, SIS
Rod Githens, BC Fei-Lin Hsiao, MUS
Lewis Gale, BUS Larry Langley, COP Co-chairs
Cynthia Dobbs, COP Co-chairs
Deepti Vyas, PHS  Terry Hoover, DEN
Clark Kelso, LAW  Veronica Wells, LIB (Convenor)

Faculty Committee Chairs (Ex-Officio Non-Voting)
Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies Keith Smith, COP
Admissions & Financial Aid Committee Dan Ebbers, MUS
Committee for Academic Planning and Development (CAPD) Vivek Pallipuram, ENG
Academic Affairs Committee on Graduate Studies Anthony Dutoi, COP
Council on Teacher Education Heidi Stevenson, BEN
Faculty Compensation Committee John Lessard COP
Faculty Grievance Committee Sharmila King, COP
Faculty Research Committee Elizabeth Basha, ENG
General Education Committee Ajna Rivera, COP
Library Committee Nicolas Waldvogel, MUS
Professional Relations Committee Abel Fernandez, ENG
Student Academic Grievance Board TBD
University Awards Committee TBD
International Programs and Services Committee James Haffner, COP
Technology in Education Committee Heidi Stevenson, BEN

Last update 2/7/2020